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Creating exciting yet wholesome, seasonal beers and gins. Our creative yet tasteful ales have a distinctive, fresh taste. We are passionate about brewing, making beer driven by quality and taste, for the pleasure of proper beer drinkers. If you like craft beers, you will love the taste and texture of our beer, made right here in the heart of Saddleworth and with customers visiting our brewery from Manchester, West Yorkshire and the North West.

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Built from passion and with a desire to create quality ales, Donkeystone is more than a just a brewery, we are community and built from the very earth we all grew up in.

The origins of our compulsive behaviour began in 2017 when Stephen James started Donkeystone Brewing Co. He set himself the task of creating artisan beers in the heart of Saddleworth by searching out people with the ability to approach life almost entirely in terms of hops, malts, and brewing materials. Now after brewing over 27 different beers Donkeystone Brewing Co is only just hitting it’s stride by producing award winning craft beer of all styles. The brewery is constantly growing and evolving but one thing remains true and that is our lives revovle around making the best craft beer. Is it unfair to say we are obsessed with brewing craft beers? We would say it’s an understatement.

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