Steam Machine Brewing Co

Location: Durham
Head Brewer: Steam Machine Brewing Company LTD

     3.74 (7076 ratings on 18/10/2019)

Bold flavoured new wave craft beers, engineered in the heart of industrial North East England. Currently rated 23rd Top Brewery in England according to UNTAPPD.

The STEAM MACHINE was founded by husband and wife Nick & Gulen. With a home brewing background of over ten years, they were no strangers to brewing, and Nick especially as a science teacher had always been fascinated by the chemical and biological processes behind brewing. Inspired by the International Craft Beer Revolution, and by the exciting New World beers and wines the couple sampled whilst touring the world, Nick & Gulen were eager to create beers to satisfy their extended taste palates and to share them with others. Having launched in the summer of 2015 in Nicks industrial North East hometown of Newton Aycliffe, they have an ever-expanding team of dedicated enthusiasts, they have scaled up production by silly numbers since starting, have moved and expanded premises, welcomed thousands of visitors on their open weekends, and are set to launch their first dedicated Brewery Tap as the year goes on

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