Spitting Feathers

Location: Cheshire
Head Brewer: Matthew Walley

In Spring 2005 Matthew Walley cashed his pension, spent the lot on brewing equipment and set about brewing with old mate Terry Ashford without telling anyone. Even before the paperwork and personal relationships were sorted Old Wavertonian had won Beer of the Festival at CAMRA Northwich Beer Festival 2005- the first beer festival we were entered into- and we haven’t looked back since.

In 2008 we opened our first pub, The Brewery Tap in Chester, to the delight of Chester’s thirsty beer drinkers and it quickly won all the local and regional pub awards available. In 2014 we opened our second pub, the West Kirby Tap in errr.. West Kirby. It’s a fantastic new pub in a great place, check it out! Spitting Feathers Chester HQ is Common Farm. The used grains from the brewery are a valuable feed for the cattle and pigs that provide the brewery and our pubs with meat. Bee hives behind our staff bar (where trial brews are drunk and argued over) provide honey for our pubs and seasonal beer, Honey Trap. Small amounts of hops are also grown on the farm for use in occasional/special beers.

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We're crowdfunding! - Click here to find out more