Pipes Brewery

Location: Wales
Head Brewer: Simon Doherty

We are PIPES BEER (Artisan Brewing Co.) CRAFT BREWERS OF CARDIFF Our tiny batch craft-beers speak volumes in terms of style distinction and flavour integrity We strive for the highest quality product attainable. Only the finest ingredients are sourced for our unique batches. All our products are wholesome and natural with no filtration, pumps or pasteurisation – brewed as nature intended...

Established early 2008, our brewery is based in a tiny brewery quarters in Pontcanna, Cardiff. We work tirelessly at creating the very best examples of some of the most unique and least known beer styles from all over the globe. It’s fair to say, we make high quality beers not otherwise found in this neck of the woods. Our styles include Helles Lager, Bohemian Pils, Bavarian Wheat, Vienna Red, Baltic Porter Espresso, American IPA, Midnight IPA, ALTbeer, Vienna Red Lager, Spiced Punk'n Ale, this to name but a few... With our little black book brimming with ad-hock and wonderfully refreshing recipes, things will never again be dull in the world of premium 'Welsh' craft beer. Beyond our main-stayers we aim to introduce 2 new specialty beers each month at our Brewery 'BAR OPEN' events. Pop down to our brewery courtyard and sample what's on offer each Friday night 5pm - 9pm and Saturday 12pm - 7pm.

We're crowdfunding!
Click here to find out more
We're crowdfunding! - Click here to find out more