Location: Wiltshire
Head Brewer: Glen Upward

Devitera is a small start-up microbrewery based in Rowde near the beautiful market town of Devizes (near the base of the Caen Hill Locks). It is the vision of Glen Upward and is set in the heart of the Wiltshire countryside.

Devitera is a combination of two words. Boundaries from the Latin ad divisas, and Terra (land). Together Boundary Lands…..Dev-i-tera. Devitera is based in the heart of Wiltshire and produces small volume hand-made beer. Each beer is hand bottled, labelled, stamped, making every individual bottle 100% unique. Ingredients include Maris Otter barley that is hand malted locally, and loose leaf hops. Beer is bottle conditioned to create natural CO2. Our beer is also naturally vegan friendly. Bottles are smart clean-cut 330ml with gold caps. The labels are of high quality matt paper. Together the beer looks, feels and tastes great!

We're crowdfunding!
Click here to find out more
We're crowdfunding! - Click here to find out more