East Anglia
(26,226 ratings on 27/03/2023)

Little Earth Project

East Anglia
3.9 (26,226 ratings on 27/03/2023)

Situated in the picturesque Suffolk countryside, Little Earth Project specialises in brewing historic, farmhouse & wild beers using wild and organically farmed ingredients from the local landscape. The brewery is small but unique, using a variety of sustainable practices to brew small batch, predominantly oak aged beers.

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Little Earth Project was established officially in 2016, although founder, Tom, brewed for 7 years previous in a more traditional cask style. He was always interested in brewing more historic and farmhouse styles and decided that, with the changing beer markets, that this would be a good time to try something new with the first beer being brewed in late 2015 and released in late Summer 2016.

Each beer is aged for anywhere between a couple of months to a couple of years, so patience is certainly a virtue. With dreams of building a larger barrel store adjacent to the brewery, we hope to grow and be able to share our little piece of the earth with more across the UK and beyond.