Dynamite Valley Brewing Co.

Location: Cornwall
Head Brewer: Dom Lilly

Welcome to Dynamite Valley! We are a small Cornish brewery with big dreams, we brew varied styles of beer that we test out on the regulars at our brewery tap, 'Beer Cafe'. Eebria is our first foray in to regular out-of-county sales as we feel that it's time for us to spread our wings, we hope you like our packaging (every one wrapped by hand) but more importantly we hope you enjoy the beer within it!

Dynamite Valley Brewery was conceived by two Cornish lads who were inspired by the various brew-pubs the pair had visited throughout the World. From humble beginnings in a portacabin it steadily grew to a fully-fledged brewery, with public bar (Beer Cafe), located in Cornwall's Dynamite Valley.

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We're crowdfunding! - Click here to find out more