Lab Culture Brewery

Location: Worcestershire
Head Brewer: Bert Roelants

Lab Culture is an example of fresh thinking inspired by drinking. Before Lab Culture there was a vertical farm. Its LED lighting technology and climate-controlled system eliminating the need to look any further, figuratively speaking, than your own backyard for fresh produce. However, it was not as green as the plants it was producing. When we realised that heat from its LED lights was being wasted a light came on (excuse the pun). What better use is there for wasted heat than brewing beer?

Craft beer drinkers savour the unique. Be it distinctive flavours or an authentic story. We want to celebrate a community of independent businesses through collaboration, to serve up beers which showcase individuality in the best way we know how...with hops and greens. In terms of sustainability, our beers may just be a drop in the ocean but our mission is hopefully a digestible one - to raise our glass to entrepreneurs.

We're crowdfunding!
Click here to find out more
We're crowdfunding! - Click here to find out more