EeBria Welcomes Vibrant Forest To The Taproom
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It’s tap takeover time again. It’s time to put another brewery on the #BermondseyBeerMile map. We’re always showcasing the best of British breweries and we love getting the opportunity to break tradition and dedicate our taproom to a fantastic, talented brewery that we feel we should be talking about more. That said, it’s time to get your lovely selves down to Bermondsey this Saturday, come visit EeBria Taproom, meet the wonderful guys at Vibrant Forest and try their delicious beers. With all our taps completely dedicated to this brewery, you’re sure to find 6 beautifully crafted beers and fall in love with all of them. Good luck choosing a favourite.

September 24th, 11am-5pm: Vibrant Forest (Hampshire)

Vibrant Forest was founded by Kevin in April 2011 with the purchase of a one barrel brew plant in his garage, as a part time operation. He was aided with his knowledge of making country wine and a few home brews before this time. Unsurprisingly, Kevin very quickly won 5 local awards in 2012, including Hampshire Beer of the year. With such success, it became quite clear this operation needed a bigger premises and couldn’t stay in the garage.

In October 2013, Vibrant Forest moved to Lymington in the New Forest. With this move, the day job was packed in shortly after to allow Kevin to focus 100% on brewing brilliant beer. Since then, Kevin hasn’t looked back. The team has evolved since then and now includes, Bruce the brewer, Andrew the marketing man and Chris the driver. Together, they are crafting a reputation for brewing richly flavoured beer full of character, ensuring their range will excite the palate and stimulate the senses.

And here they are, bringing 6 of their best to the taps of EeBria and the stomachs of you, the drinker. Let’s meet them:

Summerlands - A low strength Session IPA quivering with a mighty avalanche of fresh citrus hops. Light and breezy, Summerlands is the perfect companion for floral spring breezes, sunny siestas, and all the Vibrancy of autumn..

Kaleidoscope - Massively hopped American-style India Pale Ale. Intense citrus hops are abundant in this flavour-packed premium beer. You won't be able to put this one down.

Farmhouse - This refreshing dry Saison ale combines barley and wheat malts with an authentic yeast strain to bring you peppery, earthy and fruity notes on the palate.

Zuur - This special edition rhubarb sour beer has been finished with heaps of mosaic dry hopping. Tart, citrusy and tropical with slight Belgian character from the yeast, Zuur is extremely refreshing.

Salted Liquorice - Lovely roast flavours in this jet black stout are complemented by a generous addition of liquorice and a nice dash of salt. A perfect winter warmer.

Chinook - Dry hopped pale ale. This hoppy pale ale delivers a full army of grapefruit and pine-like flavours which will whirl around your taste buds. This is one for the hopheads.

Not only do you get to try the fabulous beer these guys make, but you also get to meet the team. Kevin, Bruce, Andrew and a couple of friends will be coming along to drink, chat and have fun. Feel free to talk to them about their beers, influences and and thoughts on what’s next for this magnificent brewery.

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