Please see below a list of the most commonly asked questions about EeBriaTrade. Hopefully your question is answered below, but if you’re still having trouble, please send us a message.

General Questions
What makes EeBriaTrade different?

We're a distributor but with a difference as EeBriaTrade is an online marketplace. On EeBriaTrade you are buying direct from the producer* (brewery/cidermaker/vineyard/softdrink wizards), so we don't buy kegs and cans in bulk and use a big warehouse like other distributors. Instead we use clever technology and partnerships with our brewers and other drinks makers to do things differently.

A key difference is that we move the items direct from the source to where its needed. We therefore minimise the miles that the products have to travel and we're also able to sell the widest range of products in the UK by far. With us, the brewery gets more of the sales price than through conventional distributors, and you get great drinks cheaper and in the best and freshest possible condition.

We sell anything drinks based that a hospitality venue might need, from craft beer, international beers and real ale, through cider, wine, and onto soft drinks, kombuchas and snacks. We work with breweries and other sellers from all over the country, some so small that you wouldn't perhaps have heard about them any other way and some household names as well. While we have thousands of products available, the technology should make it easy to browse and buy and our algorithms make suggestions to ensure you find the perfect option. However if you're stuck we have a team of experts who can help you pick!

It's incredibly easy to search, browse and order online. Everything is automated so we have suggested items on the home page (tailored to you using your preferences) and then email and sms updates right up to delivery. We then have links to extra info and tasting notes for your menus and bar teams to share with your customers.

* For our international breweries, the beers may be sent from a carefully selected importer based in the UK, rather than the brewery themselves - often the brewery's own UK entity, or their chosen / suggested importer. In some cases EeBria arrange the import to order, selling the beers on pre-sale and shipping the required products straight from the brewery's own warehouse into the UK and on to you. (From summer 2022 EeBria launched EeBria France meaning that French breweries ship directly into the UK using our export services and visa versa)

What do we sell?

Simply put, lots! We have the largest range of craft drinks products in the UK and from 2022 craft drinks in France. We started up as a UK craft beer marketplace, however as time goes on we've added more and more other types of products that our customers might need. Alongside hundreds of UK breweries from small to very large we also have a market-leading range of cider producers, some great international beer options and then wines, spirits, soft drinks and snacks too!

We sell beer and cider in one way containers (keykeg, dolium and pertainers etc), plus some steel cask products too with a system in place for arranging collection. For cans and bottles of beer and cider we offer various case sizes and lots of shipping options regarding the size of the order. A standard case would be 24 items, but we also sell smaller case options too if you need to mix and match your order a little. For cider, we also have lots of bag-in-box options with a built-in tap, perfect for the fridge.

To see any one of our different ranges of products, use the Browse option in the menu bar and click on specific product types. Remember the lists are always live and updated so if we don't have what you're looking for today, check back tomorrow or drop the sales team a line to find out if we can help you.

Who do we sell to?

We're primarily a wholesale site so the site is designed to sell to the trade most of all. We were set up to sell to pubs, bars, shops and restaurants but we don't want to stop there, we also have museums, cinemas and other unexpected customers who want great products for their bars or store. If you're not sure about how we can help then get in touch as we have options to suit everyone.

If you're an individual looking to buy drinks for your fridge or bottles and cans as a gift then you're welcome to browse the site and we have a different registration process so we can show you the correct prices and also products aimed more at retail buyers. Just bear in mind that we will need to add VAT to the prices at checkout.

Do you have an AWRS number?

Yes of course, we're registered with the government as an alcohol wholesaler and our number is . All alcohol products available for sale which require an AWRS registration are from verified AWRS registered producers

We're a chain or large group and are interested in working with you

Great! We have a dedicated team that can help tailor the platform to work for larger commercial groups - please email our team on commercial@eebria.com and we'll be in touch about how we can help.

Is there a press contact?

Email us on press@eebria.com and we'll see how we can help. We have lots of general beer and industry stats and data which we're happy to share, or we can often provide comment on industry trends.

Pricing and Range Questions
Which drinks should I buy?

We aim to have the best possible selection of craft drinks available and it's constantly up to date with new releases. We use clever algorithms to suggest the best beers for each customer depending on their needs. Edit your preferences in your account to make the website work for you and hunt down products for your home page which are most likely to be exactly what you're looking for. Of course you can also use our powerful search functions to narrow things down, or if you check the 'Browse' sections we have pre populated all manner of pages to highlight the best the site has to offer, from the highest rated products, best value or options by region and style.

If you're still unsure of what to order, or just want to talk about beer/cider or anything else vaguely related then call the sales team for advice on 0208 004 9053. or you can always drop us an email at sales@eebriatrade.com and let us know how we can help.

Which breweries or other sellers use EeBriaTrade to sell drinks?

Simply put it's too many to count and we have the largest range of products and breweries/other drinks producers in the UK by far. The range of breweries and products that are available on the site are changing all the time based on stock availability and new releases and so it's difficult to put a finger on this exactly. We passed the 1,000 seller-partners mark a long time ago and we have had listings for products in the tens of thousands by now, with 700+ brands and 7,000 or more products available at any one time.

We suggest you check back regularly to see the newest options and use the search function to check for any specific seller you have in mind. Our homepage will adapt to show you the suggested best options for you based on your preferences and also what is popular on the site with other buyers like you. To explore further you can browse by region, see those most local to you or furthest afield. Alternatively you can see those we recommend based on what's currently popular or highest rated and use other tools like search by margin or shelf builders which will take all the effort out of shopping by suggesting baskets at the click of a button.

Once registered, head to the homepage to see the producers that we recommend for you based on your preferences. If you're an existing user do remember to check your account settings to make sure that you're following the producers that you have a specific interest in and you can be alerted when they add stock or offer discounts.

If you are signed up to our newsletter you will get our curated lists each week of what's hot right now, or new to the site at the start of each week.

Why can't I see the full beer list or prices?

If you're already a customer or have an account, please login to view prices and see all the beers that are available to your area. If you're not logged in then only some pages are available as we need to know for sure what we can ship to your area and where you are to provide the correct delivered prices

We ask customers to register on the site to view prices so that we can make sure you see only the products appropriate to your location, the price you see includes the correct delivery charges and to make sure there are no licensing or non-mainland shipping complications. It's free to register and takes only a few seconds. You can then be ordering in a matter of minutes!

Simply select either login or register at the top of your screen to get started. If you have any problems with your login details, then contact the sales team for help.

We don't supply a hard copy price list as our beer listings are constantly changing and the range is literally more than a thousand of products at any one time. Our prices are incredibly competitive and if you want to speak to an account manager to find out more before you register then simply get in touch. You can use the search function for specific products and producers or the filter pages to narrow down your searches but we recommend that you update your preferences on your account and let the site's algorithms do the work for you, narrowing down what you see on the home page and recommended lists based on what's hot right now, what's competitively priced and what's most likely to be what you want - even if you don't know it yet!

How much does delivery cost?

Wherever possible, the price that you see on the site includes the full delivery cost for either a no or very low minimum order quantity.

The reason we ask you to login to view prices is so that we can fully calculate the cost of sending the item to you wherever you are. Where you are in an area with pesky extra shipping costs like the London ULEZ or Congestion zone, or in the farther reaches of the UK, it is possible you will see an extra shipping surcharge in your basket as we have to pass these extra costs through and as they are a per delivery cost rather than a per item cost we have not included it in the basic product shipping. This can be more significant in the less central areas of the UK, for example due to Brexit changes it can be more expensive for us to ship to Northern Ireland and the couriers can also be a little more expensive with surcharges for certain areas of Scotland too.

A slight exception to this rule is around optional extra shipping charges if you want to reduce the minimum order on some packaged items. Single use kegs always have no minimum order and you can buy just one at a time. Even for packaged items likes bottles and cans, the minimum order may already have been reduced to zero by the producer and our minimum order is never more than 3 standard (i.e. 24 x 330ml) cases.

In order to ship packaged items at the advertised price we may need apply a small minimum order (usually no more than 3 cases of bottles or cans). However it will be clearly shown on screen how much more product you need to add to your basket from a producer to achieve the minimum order, or if you choose to checkout instead, how much extra shipping (usually a few £s only) we will need to apply to get the smaller order to you.

The only other exception to this is for some heavy cask items which aren't part of our nationwide Cask delivery service. For local cask options, the brewery will make the delivery directly there may be a small surcharge applied by the brewery to come to your area if it's outside of their normal rounds. This will be shown clearly in the basket if it applies and is only in the very small minority of cases.

How do I get a discount?

We have extremely competitive prices for all our customers for even the smallest of orders, and we're priced with that flexibility in mind. For extra special deals then keep an eye on our discount and offers page, which you can always access from the 'Offers' part of the menu bar.

We also have some options for you to get a better deal when you're buying in larger quantities. Our simplest option is the Loyalty Scheme (see below!) where we reward you for buying with us with money off future orders. We also have other methods that will secure you a discount with a commitment for volumes. You can take a look at our Keg Subscription options, Tap Takeovers or Tap Residencies where you can indicate your requirements and we'll show you great deals to match.

Our best suggestion is to have a chat with an account manager who will direct you to the best deals tailored for you and if you're a large chain looking to arrange a long term contract then we have a team dedicated to making those negotiations for you.

How does the Loyalty Scheme work?

From September 2016 we began rewarding our customers for buying their beer with us, with a form of cashback on their orders. Simply put, the more you spend with us, the more we give you back to say thank you.

Customer qualifying spend in each calendar month is checked against our reward ladder to see what discount has been earned. A voucher code for the appropriate value is then issued via email at the start of the next month to use against the next month's purchases. You need to keep your reward code and use it in your basket when you put your next order through and it will automatically be deducted from the final bill.

The reward ladder starting September 2016 is as follows:
- Spend £1,000 in a month and receive a 1% cashback voucher
- Spend £2,000 and receive 2%
- Spend £3,000 for 3%
- Spend £4,000 for 4%
- Spend £5,000 or more and we will reward you with 5% back to use in the following month.

Qualifying spend does not include any orders which used a percentage discount code, nor will the credit from the previous month be included in the following month's qualifying spend.

Is there a minimum order?

There is no minimum order for one-way kegs. You can buy just the one keg or hundreds, we're entirely flexible.

With bottles and cans, it will be clearly indicated if you need to add more to your basket in order to checkout. We include the delivery costs in the price you see, but we can only offer that at a certain minimum order size per producer. We have some breweries who can ship as little as one case at a time out without any additional charges, and the rest of the producers will never be more than 3 cases (assuming cases of 24) for free delivery. If you only need a small amount of product and you're happy to pay a little extra to subsidise the shipping then that's also an option as part of the checkout process. To go ahead and buy smaller case sizes of product you can accept a small (max £5) extra shipping charge.

Our nationwide steel keg and cask delivery in some cases has a small minimum order quantity (2 or 3) which will be made clear at the time of ordering and in the checkout.

Breweries may have a minimum order requirement for their manual deliveries, you will be informed of this at the checkout if it applies.

Delivery Questions
How long does delivery take?

Delivery time depends a little bit on the delivery method, and how quickly the brewery dispatches the beer.

Most items are delivered by EeBriaTrade's courier partners but travel from the brewery straight to you. We ask breweries to confirm the collection date for shipping as quickly after receiving the order notification and we try to ensure that items are picked up by the courier 1 and 2 days after you place your order. For normal courier orders, once the order is collected from the brewery you should, all things going well, expect to receive the item the next working day (some areas of the UK may take longer such as the far reaches of Scotland for example).

We aim for orders to be delivered 2 or 3 working days after the purchase date, however, due to potential delays at the brewery with dispatch or with the courier taking a little longer to route the item through their delivery network, we suggest that you plan for 4 clear working days between ordering and delivery. (So we recommend ordering Monday to give the best chance of having the delivery before the weekend). Of course, if you can order a little further in advance then that's always more relaxing for everyone!

In the unlikely event of us being unable to meet the 4 working days after order delivery window, we may ask for your patience due to a hiccup in the delivery process. If some of the product you ordered gets mislaid during shipping or there's an issue with availability, we will be in touch as quickly as possible to notify you of any delay and we may ask you to give us up to 10 working days from the original order to final delivery to resolve unexpected issue for you.

Occasionally a brewery may let us know about a closure for holidays, or they may have limited hours and days in their warehouse. If this is the case then it should show clearly on the product page at the point of ordering when the next available shipping date is likely to be. Assuming our courier can then collect on that date as planned they would normally deliver the items to you the following working day, with maybe an extra day for very long distances. Please allow a few days for safety as above and if in a rush perhaps select a seller who is dispatching daily.

Pre Sale orders (including EebriaTrade exclusive imports) will not ship until after the advertised date but then will follow the timings above. Sometimes this date may slip by a few days if the beer needs a bit more time in the fermenter before kegging, but we will do our best to update you should that happen. Pre-sale beers are usually designed to get you the beer in the best condition so we hope you're happy to wait!

If you have any concerns about timings or an urgent need for beer please contact our team when you place the order and we can advise you further on who we would recommend or try to arrange a fast delivery if possible.

Having said that on our same day service, you can expect to receive the products extremely quickly, traffic allowing of course.

Casks, if being delivered by the brewery as part of their usual delivery schedule, should be on the delivery day for your area as advised during the checkout process.

How do I track my order?

Tracking information for products being delivered by courier will be emailed to you as soon as the item is dispatched, but the tracking info is also available from your “My Account” page.

If you have provided us a mobile number on your account we will pass this through to the courier company so they can also keep you posted with an estimated time window on the day of delivery.

Of course if you have any questions or you're worried about your order you can simply contact our Customer Services team directly or send a message to customerservices@eebriatrade.com and we'll look into it for you.

Will I get a Delivery Note?

You'll be emailed confirmation of your deliveries as soon as the system has them marked off as delivered based on info from the courier or driver. With items delivered by courier this may be after a short delay as the tracking information syncs up with our account every few hours. We're afraid we can't supply a physical delivery note with the order where we are using a third party delivery company - but we make everything easy by keeping it all online and available whenever you need it.

What if I miss my delivery?

Courier deliveries will be made during normal delivery hours, these roughly equate to office hours so usually between 9am and 5pm. If you are unlikely to be able to accept deliveries except in a small portion of that window, then we advise letting us know so we can make a note. We can try to discuss this with the courier firm to ask if they can be flexible with their delivery route or we can add extra delivery details to your account.

You may need to also plan limited opening hours into your ordering timeline as it is possible it can add a delay to the delivery period if our couriers have to make repeat attempts to deliver due to less than standard (9-5) opening hours. If nobody is around to accept the delivery at your address when the courier arrives then you should get a note through to confirm they have been by and we will also get a notification of a 'failed delivery'.

If the courier has delivered to you before they may already have notes on their system so they feel confident leaving the items safely or with a neighbouring business. Otherwise the courier will plan to re-attempt delivery at a later time or date and we can pass through info from you regarding a neighbour or safe space they can use to complete the delivery.

How do I change or update my delivery address?

You must register the account with the appropriate delivery address so that the address can be correctly verified with regards to the account type (licensed premises, other business account or individual buyer). This address is used to calculate the prices shown to you including delivery and to ensure only available products to your area are shown.

You cannot change the address at checkout - this is because the address is fixed and you have already selected items with the delivery costs calculated to the existing account address. You can however update with a different billing address if required to process the payment via credit card or to show on your invoices

In order to send an order to a different address the account address must be updated before any purchasing activity is completed. You can find the address in My Account, User Settings. If you are a verified licenses premises, please check with the license holder before making a change or buying on their account as they will be held accountable if the items are not used or sold within premises licensing guidelines.

After an order is placed and confirmed you cannot update the delivery address. You can submit a request to do so in exceptional circumstances, for example where the normal address is closed or inaccessible due to outside forces such as weather or fire, however we can make no commitment to being able to enact such delivery address changes. Re-routed orders may be subject to extra charges to cover any price differences in the shipping costs and a minimum of £5 admin charge.

If you have multiple sites which you want to place orders for you might need to have multiple accounts, but our chains team can help you get set up so you can have access to multiple buying accounts as a head office user. If this sounds like something you need speak to our sales team and we'll help understand your needs and get you set up!

Can I request a specific time slot for deliveries?

Deliveries made by courier are not within our control (please see above regarding what happens if you are not in for a delivery). However, you will receive an email when items are dispatched and our courier companies also, if they have a number available. will normally send an sms, confirming the day of delivery in order that you have time to make arrangements. If you have opening hours which will not align with standard courier delivery hours (usually 9am-5pm), then this may add extra time to your delivery if the courier firm needs to make multiple delivery attempts to find a time when you're available or we may need extra info from you such as a willing neighbour who can take deliveries for you. For brewery delivered items, you can set your preferred times for delivery in your account in the "My delivery schedule". Whilst we are unable to guarantee that deliveries will be made during this time, your requests will be passed on to the brewer who will try their best.

Do you offer international shipping?

At present EeBria Trade only ships to the UK. We hope to ship outside the UK in the near future but in the meantime if you have access to a UK address to make your own onward arrangements, speak to an account manager.

Issues after Delivery
The delivery I received is not what I ordered/broken/spoiled.

We're sorry to hear that you've had an issue. Please contact our Customer Services team as quickly as possible and ideally include a photograph of the products received if the damage is visible. We will then get in touch with the brewery to solve this for you as quickly and practically as possible.

Please see our terms and conditions for details on returns and refunds. In particular we ask you to take careful note of the policy around kegs and connectors and please do not remove the red pressure tag on a polykeg as we cannot accept returns if you accidentally remove this and de-pressurise the keg permanently.

The best before date is coming up too soon

We're sorry to hear that your products aren't as fresh as we would expect. All our products are sent direct from the brewery or their hand picked importer to ensure the best quality of stock and that they've been looked after well since packaging. We ask all our brewers and other producers to send out their products with a minimum of 2 months left on them and we advise them to advertise clearly if the product has a date under 3 months remaining.

If you're unhappy about the date on the products and it has less than 2 months left before the BBE date on arrival, then please contact your account manager or customerservices@eebria.com, and if possible include a photograph of the products received with their date. We will then get in touch with the brewery to find out what happened and we'll ensure you at the very least receive a partial refund to compensate for the shortened period in which to sell the products.

There's no pumpclip!

We ask the brewers to make it clear on the listing if there will be a pumpclip available with the vessel or not. On occasion however, these may be lost in transit or the brewers may forget to attach them in error. Please notify us immediately if you're missing one on delivery so we can make it right if possible. We'll ask the brewery to post out a replacement if they can.

While you wait for that to arrive in the post, you're able to access printable images to use immediately - for these and also other handy tasting notes, brewing info and more you can see the section on 'My Account' called Order Resources

Tap Takeovers and Tap Residencies
How do I organise a Tap Takeover / Meet the Brewer

You can easily do this through the Tap Takeover feature in "My Account" > "Your tap takeovers". Here you can submit the date you would like the event, specifics of the beers you are looking for and budget. Our network of breweries will then bid for your event and provide discounts. All you have to do is then pick your favourite and we'll organise to get the beers to you. If you want the event to be a Meet the Brewer event, you can specify this as well!

Alternatively if you want a quick option to just add a great selection of beers to your basket from a brewery with lots of suitable products available for sale then you should checkout our Instant Tap Takeover Page

Can I get a bulk discount on buying multiple of the same product?

Yes and no! We don't provide bulk discounts in the basket as a standard calculation, however there are lots of ways in which you can access different benefits from using EeBriaTrade which can get you the discount you are looking for.

Something to always remember is that we have a Loyalty Scheme so you earn cashback on your spend with us and so if you use us across a month for your purchases then you can get up to 5% to spend in the following month to say thankyou.

If you are looking for regular orders of the same item over time then you can apply for a Tap Residency. This enables you to say that a tap will be given over to a set beer for a fixed period of time (e.g. one month) and over that time you'll need a certain number of kegs (minimum is 5). Breweries can then bid for the opportunity, including a discount and you can pick the beer best suited to you. You will be committed to buy that number of kegs over the given time period, otherwise the discount will be removed. You can find Tap Residencies in your account section, here "My Account" > "Your tap residencies".

If you are looking for a single one off bulk purchase or across multiple sites then you can speak to our sales team as we have other tender options and solutions for large groups but we solve for these in a bespoke manner.

Payment Questions
What payment methods are available?

You should be able to use all major credit and debit cards to make purchases and this is the default option for all accounts, large and small. You can also choose to store your card details securely on your account so you don't need to retype your details for every order and you can checkout in a matter of seconds each time you browse and buy. (please bear in mind your bank may require 2-step verification of the card when it is used which is outside of our control!)

It may also be possible to pay for your orders by Direct Debit*, which means the money will be automatically taken from your bank approximately 5 to 7 days after the order. If you wish to try this method, you can sign up using your bank details by using the link in 'My Account'. FAQs for how this works are found here on the Go Cardless Website

We may be able to extend credit terms* to selected larger customers, such as chains of pubs. Please speak to your account manager if you think this might apply to you and we'll take it from there.

Credit card payment will always be available to make orders even if your credit account is in progress or your credit limit is reached.

In all cases the invoice is generated by our system at the point of order and any credit terms apply from the date or invoice. Where you have been granted credit we will allow an extension of the payment date to after delivery for pre-order items.

*Please note that Direct Debit and extended credit terms are not available for individual / retail customers.

Is payment safe?

Yes, very safe. We use RealEx as the payment gateway on our site. All card payment information is entered on their site, so we never have access to it and they use the most up to date security software to ensure your data is secure.

What about VAT?

All the prices on the site are shown before VAT is applied. If you're a VAT business then of course that's the price you need to know as the VAT will be recoverable. If you're a personal customer or non VAT registered company then please remember that VAT will be added at the checkout and the cost to you will increase accordingly. Remember that as we are a marketplace, you're buying directly from the business making or importing the items. If the seller is not VAT registered (as they might be a smaller new business or a foreign entity) then the products might not have VAT applied to the products. The shipping charges which are included in the advertised price, or any extra shipping charges you opt in to for smaller order sizes are all charged by us and so will always include VAT. You can get VAT invoices from the finance section of My Account if you need these for your accountant.

Account Questions
Why do I need to make an account?

We ask you to make an account so that we can show you the correct products and prices for your postcode. We also use your account details to make your experience entirely personalised - by using the preferences the site will use algorithms to show you the most appropriate products, also taking into account your buying history and what else is hot on the site for customers with similar profiles. We also need you to have a secure account so that you can easily track your orders, save your payment details and access useful things like pump clip images and tasting notes after you've got your items.

If you have any questions about the info we store on your account then see our privacy policy which is accessed via a link at the bottom of every page.

How does the homepage and suggested items work ?

We try to use your preferences to help you instantly see the products that you're most likely to be interested in. You'll see a section at the top of your homepage for the beers which have been most recently added to the site so you won't miss out on things since your last visit. You'll also then see scrolling down, recommended items in different categories, from IPAs, to seasonal beers etc. If you're a returning customer then you'll see a section for items you've previously ordered in case you simply want the same great beers again!

We use extremely clever algorithms which are always learning to make sure that the site looks through the thousands of options available to narrow things down to useful suggestions. We look at your preferences to guide us, but also info from other users who might have similar buying habits or preferences to make sure you don't miss out on the perfect products.

How do I update or control my preferences?

To make sure the homepage is showing you the right kinds of products we suggest you keep your preferences up to date! If you click on My Account at the top of the page or via the menu, you'll see an option on the left or on the drop down menu for My Preferences

The preferences start with the type of product you would like which depends on your tap lines and keg couplers or if you're looking just for bottles and cans. Slide the bar from left to right depending on how likely you are to buy a product and your homepage will adapt to show you more relevant items.

You can then refine items further by giving us an idea of the beer styles you're usually looking for (maybe you only want IPAs or only dark beers), and then you can go even further by giving us some ball park price ranges you'd like to see. Our algorithms will try to make sure you won't miss out on anything amazing outside of these ranges, but it will help us show you the best matches for your budget.

Finally we have a slider for you to show us how "crafty" your customers are, so are they looking for classic and traditional beers (the lower numbers on the scale), or will only a rare hibiscus sour beer do (which would be up at a number 10)? You can set the slider to show you everything, or you can narrow the range to match the types of customer you have in mind.

Don't worry if you're not sure, you can play around with your settings at any time to change your preferences, or speak to our customer services team for advice on what ranges to use to get the best out of the automated recommendations.

How do I update my account details?

To change your contact details or email address go to My Account from the main menu, and select User Settings. Your basic info will display here, and you can click Edit to make changes. Please just remember that to change address information you should speak to your account manager in case it affects any open orders.

You can update your beer preferences at any time, because your requirements have changed, you're looking for something more unusual or your customer base is becoming more/less adventurous. Whatever the reason, simply find the My Preferences option in My Account, move the sliders and click save

Our customer services team can help if you need advice at any time.

I'm having issues accessing my account?

Make sure you have logged in as you need to be logged in before you can see the links and access .May Account', There is a login box at the top of the page if you have not yet done so where you can input your username and password.

If you have any problems logging in, contact our customer services team (see the contact page). They can help you to check your username and reset your password. Once they're sure you can access your account they will also check you're happy browsing the site and have everything you need.

If it helps, your username is going to be the email address which we use to contact you and you can reset your password if you click on the 'forgotten your password' option.

Help I'm not a Trade buyer/Individual buyer like it says on my account!

Don't worry, when you sign up you'll have come through either our trade registration page or our individuals page and the site will have set you up accordingly. Also our sales team review the new registrations and make corrections if they spot a mistake. However if we missed one it's important we get you set up correctly so you can see the right products, for example a verified licensed trade buyer can see more breweries and products as licensing is not relevant, but individuals can see things like mixed cases which are not available to the trade. We can flip your status at the click of a button so if you know you should be the other account type just drop us a quick line using sales@eebriatrade.com.

Beer Dispense Questions
What is a one-way keg?

One-way kegs are disposable plastic kegs allowing small breweries to sell their beers without needing to collect kegs afterwards. There are several different types of one-way keg; the most common are KeyKegs, PolyKegs, PetainerKegs, Dolium and Ecokegs. Those with a bag inside are also suitable for use with air compressors as the liquid does not come into contact with the gas used to pressurise the keg.

What equipment do I need to dispense the beers?

KeyKegs require their own specific coupling head; all other one-way kegs should be compatible with your existing coupling heads. Coupling head aside all one-way kegs should be compatible with existing bar set-ups capable of serving kegged products. If you require any assistance with dispensing kegged products please contact us at customerservices@eebriatrade.com.

Can I sell draught products from my taps as takeaway?

We can't provide any formal advice on this as there are a number of things which might change the answer in each individual case but we can offer a little bit of general insight which might help you check this with your local authorities. To sell anything as a takeaway first and foremost you will need to be licensed accordingly by your council so check your license accordingly re those rules and if you have the option to sell anything on a takeaway basis including cans and bottles. Secondly from August 2023 with the changes in the duty legislation in the UK there are different duty rates applying to products which are being sold for takeaway versus draught on site consumption in pubs and similar premises. All draught products sold by us unless expressly otherwise stated will be priced with the duty already declared to the authorities assuming the draught duty rate only. If you intend to use a keg/cask also for takeaway sales from your taps please speak to our team as we are putting in place options to capture an extra payment in these instances to cover the extra duty charges which would apply

Where can I get a KeyKeg coupling head?

KeyKegs require a specific coupling head. These are available online at http://www.keykegshop.eu/dispensing/keykeg-starter-kit-1-2-bsp-coupler.html.

How do I stop my KeyKeg from fobbing?

Unlike traditional steel kegs, you should increase the gas pressure to prevent any fobbing. The maximum pressure for one-way kegs is 40psi, ensure you don't exceed this. Check out our guide here to KeyKeg issues and specifically on fobbing.

How do I dispose of kegs / return casks?

Before disposing of one-way kegs they must first be depressurised. Each of the keg types has a different technique for depressurising. KeyKegs require a deflating tool which comes with the coupling head, or can otherwise be purchased here.
PolyKegs usually have a 'prv' tag which is red and can be removed AFTER use to depressurise the keg. PetainerKegs will automatically deflate when the coupling head is removed. Dolium kegs have a valve on the spear which you should turn 90 degrees.

Once the kegs are deflated they can be collected for recycling by your waste collection company.

Casks will be collected manually by the brewery if delivered by them and they'll arrange the collection with you, or they will be shipped to you with info about how to return them. In both cases you can find a section in My Account where you can request the collection of the empties and our team will help you with the process if you're unfamiliar with booking in a 'cask return'

For steel kegs and casks on our nationwide service see below, these are often in rented kegs using a third party service. In the case of Kegstar you can download the app and scan the QR code to arrange collections. For EKeg+ and ECask+ there is a number you can call to request the pick up from their network. In any case we can help arrange collection for their safe return, so please store all returnable items carefully and follow the instructions provided in reminder emails. Of course you can contact our team with any questions.

What do I do with steel vessels?

If you have been delivered a steel vessel in error please contact us immediately so we can resolve it!

If you have bought a steel vessel, we need you to help us get it back to its owner and you have a responsibility to look after it safely while it's in your possession.

We will issue you with instructions on how to return the keg or cask to your registered email address. This will involve letting us know when it is ready for collection and handing it over to the delivery driver we send out. You should receive reminders after a few weeks to do this and we'll be in touch if we haven't heard from you as expected. We assume that it will be returned within 8 weeks of delivery so let us know if that isn't the case (if you're saving it for a special occasion), to avoid any charges being applied for the cost of the keg/cask, which is approximately £50.

Miscellaneous Questions
Do you have rules about what products can be listed?

As a marketplace, EebriaTrade is designed to allow as many hard working small producers to sell products to as many trade customers as possible. We feel very strongly about the free market principal and so we only curate the site to the extent that we check the accuracy of listings and that they fit into the categories of product that we sell. The names, imagery, descriptions and prices are all created and input into the site by the people who make the product. We believe that the users of the site are all adults and able to make their own buying decisions and it's not for us to dictate what is acceptable to all our customers or not. Simply put if something is overpriced, poor quality, or even offensive it won't sell anyway!

Of course, while we may wish to avoid censorship we equally don't wish to be seen to support anything that might be offensive or contrary to our personal team values. So if the team who review listings think that a product is in poor taste, dangerously controversial or is not of interest to our general users for some reason then the ratings and settings in the site may be applied to ensure that it isn't something that is seen by very many people (or any). This doesn't make a product completely invisible but unless someone is actively looking for it via the product name or via the producer page then something we've deemed of concern won't be seen in amongst our thousands of products.

How do you collect the allergen information visible on product pages?

We collate the information provided from the producers who make the products, as they are asked to add allergen information at the point of listing their products on the website. The process is set up on the side of safety so that all the official UK recognised allergens are listed as present unless the producer specifically removes them. If no allergen info is provided as all 14 allergens are still ticked as present we will list as 'no allergen info is available'. We think this is the most effective way to maintain the info on the site and provide good guidance for you. However we suggest that should you wish to rely legally on any allergen info or advertise any products as "free from", you contact us so we can get you additional assurance from the maker of the products that the product is accordingly certified or guaranteed and we still refer you to the information on the product labels upon arrival as a further source of information.

Individuals/Retail Customer Questions
Can I buy mixed cases?

If you're registered as an individual for drinking at home then yes, you can! While the site is geared towards wholesale pack sizes of cans and bottles for shops and bars, a mixed case option is made available by some sellers so people buying to drink at home can purchase a range of beers within a single case of cans or bottles and mix it up a little. Just to clarify these mixed cases can't be edited based on specific requests or the exact content confirmed before purchase or shipment but the product listing will indicate the approximate makeup of the box with regards to styles and ratios. If it is listed as a mixed case it must contain a minimum of 2 different types of product only, however guidelines have been issued to the sellers to ensure they make it clear if a case is not reasonably varied so check the descriptions carefully to make sure you know what to expect. Please note that mixed cases are not available for trade buyers.

Can add a gift message?

Unfortunately, you can't add your own personal message to orders on EeBriaTrade as we run predominantly as a wholesale business getting great products to trade businesses and the producers have often prepacked the boxes for sale ready to go.

How do I apply a discount code?

You can apply a valid voucher when you view your basket by clicking, 'do you have a discount code?'. To see all available discounts, click on the Offers tab!

Can I use more than one discount code?

Unfortunately, you can only use one voucher per transaction, if you have more than one to use for different producers then we suggest you put through a different order for each.

Do you sell gift cards?

Unfortunately, you cannot purchase gift cards on EeBriaTrade, nor are vouchers from elsewhere valid for use.

Selling Questions
I’m a brewery and am interested in selling on your site.

Great! You can find out more about selling with EeBriaTrade here. Once you've filled in your details somebody from our Operations team will be in touch shortly.