Terms and Conditions

In order to buy products on or use this website, you must do so according to these terms and conditions. By registering on the website or purchasing through it you are agreeing to be bound by them.

EeBria reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time by updating this page.

This is a wholesale platform, therefore designed primarily to sell products to other businesses rather than to individual consumers and our terms here are designed to reflect this commercial set up. If you are a consumer buying on the website, you must register as an individual in order to ensure you see the right products and prices and your browsing experience is tailored to your non-business status as some features of the site designed for pubs and bars will not apply. You may still use the site and purchase as a consumer but you consent to us treating you in some respects as a business buyer, in particular regarding cancellations and returns. Sections marked with '^' below apply only to business buyers and will not be accessible or relevant to users registered as individuals.

Should you register a business account incorrectly (your account type is clearly visible in My Account) you must notify us immediately so that your account can be reset to give it access to the correct settings and prices. We cannot accept responsibility for inappropriate orders placed on falsified business accounts although we make every effort to review all new registrations and detect individuals who have registered a business buying account in error. When identified an inappropriate business account will be corrected to the Individual type immediately and we reserve the right to reject orders placed at the wholesale prices and refund only the balance after deducting the admin and shipping costs incurred.

EeBria and EeBriaTrade is a trading name of Craft Beer Holdings Limited, a member of the Beer52 Group. The legal entities in the group owned by Beer52 its employees and representatives are referred to throughout these terms, in our other legal correspondence or elsewhere on the platform as "us", "we", "EeBria Team", "EeBria", "EeBriaTrade" and "EeBria[country]".

The website www.eebriatrade.com and any of it's associated pages including those with European domain names (e.g. www.eebria.fr) are referred to as "the site", "website","platform" and also as "EeBriaTrade" or "EeBria[country]".

As any user of the website, not an employee of Craft Beer Holdings Limited or other EeBria or Beer52 Group Entities you may be referred to in our terms as "user" or "you". Users with a buying account may be referred to also as "customer" or"buyer". The businesses which sell through the platform may be referred to either as a "producer", "seller" or "brewery" interchangeably, and also need to take note of the producer terms and conditions which are accessed through your online account and also form part of our business terms.

1. Sales and Delivery

1.1 Delivery - Orders consisting of more than one product, keg or case may be delivered in stages due to our marketplace model. Each part of a basket order is deemed independent of the other constituent parts as delivery is already included in the price. Should there be an issue with only part of the basket order, amends will be made for that portion only as shown on the invoice.

Delivery will be made one of two methods. The vast majority of orders on the site will involve a third party courier delivery. A courier will usually deliver all our one-way kegs, bottles and cans, and some cask orders. Cask orders may be delivered directly by the producer should your location be part of their current delivery round and this option will be clearly displayed to you in the checkout process confirming the expected date of delivery based on their scheduled delivery routes. The seller will be responsible for the delivery in the event that you are buying on a Direct Portal as powered by EeBriaTrade's technology.

Courier deliveries will usually be made on the next the working day after the producer has dispatched the products, short delays may occur within the courier network of 1 to 2 days and you should certainly expect to add extra time if you or the producer are in a more remote area of the UK, for example, an extra 2 days for the highlands of Scotland. Deliveries made by the producer should occur on a set day which will be indicated to you during the checkout process.

The delivery address is always the main address associated with the account and is originally set at the point of registration. You must register the account with the appropriate delivery address at registration so that the address can be correctly verified by our team with regards to the account type (licensed premises, other business account or individual buyer). This address is used to calculate the prices shown to you including delivery and to ensure only available products to your area are shown. This address can be controlled and updated subsequently via My Account, but this will only apply to future orders and should only be done where the business and account has relocated except in exceptional circumstances. Should you be a representative of a multi-site business please contact our team for more information, each site should have it's own buying account, but we can link them for head office usage. A separate legal/billing address can be added at checkout or associated with your account if you are authorised a credit facility by our team.

If you are not at the delivery address to receive the products at the time of a delivery attempt the courier driver may leave a card for you to arrange a more convenient delivery time, reattempt another day or to notify you that it is able to be collected from a collection point near to the address, which may include a neighbour. Delivery to a concierge, reception, designated 'safe space' or a neighbouring address as per any arrangements you have with the courier company will still be considered a successful delivery by us. We cannot update the delivery address after an order is placed so it is important that the address provided has reasonable business opening hours to be able to accept deliveries during the standard working day. If you submit a change of delivery request after an order, any intervention we make to try to redirect the order is not guaranteed regarding the redirect's success and some charges for admin or extra courier costs may apply.

Our delivery timelines are found in the help section. We achieve swift delivery as above in the vast majority of cases however unforeseen delays in the delivery process can occur. Should a courier delivery take longer than expected or miss a deadline which we did not explicitly agree to meet in advance of the order being taken, this is not a valid automatic reason for return or refund. If a producer delivered order is not delivered on the expected day you will have the option of allowing them a little more time or if you'd like to cancel the order.

If you opt for the producer delivery solution when buying a cask product you will be provided with a code to issue to the driver at the point of delivery. This code allows them to verify the delivery as completed to your satisfaction. If there is a problem with the order then please do not hand over the code to them! All orders placed with us are paid by credit card, direct debit or will be paid using our agreed invoice terms and so you should not be asked for payment on delivery and this may result in you paying for the items twice. If the order is delivered it is a requirement that you provide the code on the order as without this the order is not deemed complete and risk and title cannot be deemed passed to you for the items either.

Both our courier and producer delivered services assume that they can deliver orders to your address in normal business hours and they will be able to access your address and hand over items to a designated employee or third party easily and without pre-booking a slot or performing any extra admin steps. Any unusual complexity such as delivering to a specific door within a larger building or complex, access codes, pre-booking slots to gain access to the delivery area or particularly tight delivery windows must be disclosed to us in advance of placing orders so that we can confirm if this is possible with our delivery companies and correctly include the costs of these processes in the delivered prices quoted to you on the site. Should we not be notified of what would be deemed excessive admin requirement for delivery of your orders and/or orders are turned away as a result of our couriers not being able to meet these requirements, then we may have to charge extra to ensure delivery can be completed for you successfully or will not be able to refund the delivery costs incurred by us in good faith. Changing of the delivery address after order cannot be done if this will change the courier and overall cost of delivery, rerouting to a nearby address in exceptional circumstances brought on by external forces (weather, fire, unforeseen road closures) may be possible but could be subject to an admin fee in the region of approximately £5 per producer on the order.

Please see Section 8 for our refund policy for any broken or misdelivered items. If a delivery is received in a damaged state, EeBriaTrade accepts no responsibility for any injury or harm that this may cause to you, including but not limited to any injury from broken glass, nor can we be held liable for any damage, cleaning or redecoration costs from any spillage or leak or similar.

1.2 Empty Kegs and Casks - You are responsible for organising the removal of empty single-use (plastic) kegs and casks at your own cost. One-way kegs (e.g. keykegs, polykegs etc) should be depressurised and recycled. Re-usable kegs (those which are made of metal, e.g. Kegstar and steel cask) you are responsible for safely and securely storing until you are ready to arrange the return to the official owner, having used the contents. Kegstar owned kegs you can return using the KegStar app and scanning the QR code on the keg itself. Any other returnable - multi-use kegs or casks are Producer owned and must be returned to them via our returns mechanism (see 1.14 below for our returns process and clauses). EeBriaTrade reserves the right to charge you, on behalf of the producers, the cost of replacing any returnable kegs or casks that are lost whilst in your possession or incorrectly returned.

1.3 Availability - As we offer goods for sale from small producers or for limited availability products, it may be possible that the producer sells more products than they have available when it comes to dispatch, for example on a fast-moving product with a small production run. In that situation, you are entitled to be refunded in full for your order, or the producer may offer to substitute the product with a comparable item at no cost to you. If a substitution is required, you will be contacted first and given opportunities to choose the replacements, or take the refund.

1.4 Customer satisfaction - If you are dissatisfied with our performance in any way, please contact our account management team immediately on sales@eebriatrade.com or contact your account manager on the phone.

At EeBriaTrade, we aim to deal with all enquiries fairly, confidentially and quickly. We will always seek to acknowledge your contact within 1 working day. We try to resolve most issues immediately, but where this is not possible, we will keep you informed about progress until a satisfactory resolution has been achieved. We are continually improving our service, but if you have any particular ideas or suggestions about how we can improve, please send them to: sales@eebriatrade.com

1.5. Legal entity - All EeBriaTrade websites operate as a marketplace, where we allow customers to purchase beer directly from the brewers, cider makers or other drinks producers. EeBriaTrade acts as a third-party agent to market goods, process the sale and arrange the delivery. Exceptions to this rule apply on occasion for administration purposes only without intending to change the underlying fundamentals of the arrangement.

For example, in the instance of a credit sale where EeBria has chosen to extend an option to pay via invoice at a later date, EeBria will technically replace the seller in the transaction to the extent that we require retention of the title of goods for ourselves on the goods (as below) until payment is made to us for the transaction. EeBria's insertion into the sale process to simultaneous purchase the item from the seller and sell the product to the customer is done only for this reason, with no other change in the fulfilment process or transaction.

Similarly in the event of an import/export transaction, the EeBria group entities will facilitate the cross border process as required. Customers will always be contracting with their local entity. Sellers may transaction with either their local EeBria entity or other group companies as required to complete the goods movement and most easily settle the correct funds due from the sale.

In either case, EeBriaTrade remains responsible for the logistics or the transaction, your payment processing, customer services and will be your first point of contact for any queries.

1.6 Credit Sales^- EeBriaTrade purchases can, for select business customers, be made via some form of credit. This means that items can be shipped without prepayment on credit or debit card.

Credit is offered only to selected customers. In order to apply for an invoicing credit account with EeBriaTrade you may need to supply us with company and director information, reconfirm agreement to our terms and we may need to complete a credit check. Alternatively, we may grant a very short term credit arrangement using a direct debit collection service to take payment from your bank account after purchase.

If credit is offered as an option for you at checkout and you exit the basket process with this selected, you are confirming that you wish to purchase the items and that you will be bound by our credit payment terms or if using direct debit, authorise us to collect the payment from your bank account, and should that fail, revert to any credit card saved on your account.

1.7 Risk and Title - Risk in the products passes to the customer at the point of delivery to the customer's specified delivery address, where full payment has been made. In the case of a brewery delivered cask product, and order is deemed delivered only when the delivery code is provided correctly to the driver.

When purchasing products using any form of credit, the relevant EeBria Group local entity (with Craft Beer Holdings Limited operating in the UK as the group's parent company) have title to the goods until the point at which you make payment in full for the transaction. Until title passes to the Customer, the Customer will
(a) hold the Products as EeBria's agent,
(b) store the Products in a manner which ensures clear identification of the Products as belonging to EeBria;
and (c) maintain the Products in a satisfactory condition and insured on EeBria's behalf for their full price against all risks, including but not limited to theft and destruction by whatever cause, to the reasonable satisfaction of EeBria. The Customer shall provide evidence of such insurance upon request from us.

The Customer may resell the Products before title has passed to it, but on the strict condition that any sale shall be effected in the ordinary course of the Customer’s business at full market value and that any such sale shall be a sale of EeBria’s property on EeBria’s behalf.

The Customer agrees that prior to the payment for the Products in the possession of the Customer, EeBria or it's representatives shall be entitled to enter any premises where the Products may be and recover possession of them in the event of the Customer ceasing trading or undergoing (or threatening to undergo) any form of insolvency process.

Should Eebria incur any reasonable costs in regaining possession of unpaid goods or in collection of unpaid or late debt then this will be chargeable to the customer and included on our total claim for monetary compensation.

EeBria may charge the value of any unpaid and overdue credit debt to a saved credit card should one be available as a method of settling up the debt,

1.8 Long Term / Volume Arrangements (“Tap Residency”)^

1.8.1 Making a request for quotes on this section of the website is free and has no commitment attached to it. You may accept an offer to indicate your preference and save the quote before formally committing to the order. However, you have only one week to checkout and confirm this order after you have accepted it as we cannot confirm the beers' final availability until payment is made.

1.8.2 When you checkout and confirm the order you will be required to pay for only the first keg. However, at the point of checkout, you are committing to pay for the full value of the order and the full number of products, with deliveries and matching payments spread out over the maximum period agreed.

1.8.3 Should you ultimately not pay for and accept the full number of products requested in the time period specified, the discount offered as part of the arrangement will be voided and you will be liable to repay the discount which you have received to date. If you pay on card we will be entitled to take payment for the balance due on the order. If you are a credit customer we will invoice you and seek payment under the normal terms.

1.8.4 For more information on the ‘Tap Residency’ option and how the process works including troubleshooting and cancellation procedures please see the guidance links from that section of your Account which form part of these terms and conditions.

1.9 “Tap Takeover” Tender Arrangements^

1.9.1 Making a request for quotes is free and has no commitment attached to it, other than your agreement to not use the tender information you receive to make arrangements ‘off-platform’ with any breweries.

1.9.2 You may accept an offer to indicate your preference and save the quote before formally committing to the order. However, you have only one week to checkout and confirm this order after you have accepted it.

1.9.3 When you checkout and confirm the order you will be required to pay for the order in full to secure the goods for the event, except where you have a credit account and we have extended you time to pay. This transaction is deemed to include an admin fee which will not be refundable if you subsequently cancel the event. The standard admin fee for any Tap Takover is 10% of the total value. There may be additional charges upon cancellation as per our standard terms if the order is cancelled after shipping charges have been incurred for your order.

1.9.4 For more information on the ‘Tap Takeover’ option and how the process works including troubleshooting and cancellation procedures please see the guidance links on that section of My Account which form part of these terms and conditions.

1.10 Keg Subscriptions^

1.10.1 Subscription orders allow you to have a monthly shipment of kegs having delegated the selection of the exact beer to the EeBria Team, within parameters that you control. A maximum price is set for the keg and then a discount is offered on the keg price depending on the size of your subscription.

1.10.2 As standard, subscriptions are processed at the beginning of each month and are subject to the standing subscription details on your account. If you prefer you can receive the kegs spaced out throughout the month by informing your account manager before the start of the month. You will receive confirmation of any initial subscription order that you make and it is your responsibility to check this for details as it is a binding request for this number of kegs to be shipped to you on a recurring monthly basis and this will dictate the type of vessel and style of beer that you will receive. The discount that is advertised with the subscription applies to the standard website cost for the selected product delivered to your location. Buying more kegs on the subscription per month will increase the discount which we apply when we process your order. We ask for a maximum keg price but we may select a suitable beer of any value up to that top limit.

1.10.3 You may edit or cancel your subscription for the following month up to the last day of the current month, by contacting your account manager. Once a subscription order has been processed it cannot be cancelled without charge. Returns will only be accepted if the beer demonstrably does not meet the most up to date subscription requirements which you submitted before the monthly cut off deadline or if it is faulty as per our normal returns process. Should the beer not be to your taste then we're afraid this is not deemed a reason for a return or refusal of delivery. A cancellation before shipping or a return for a refund will only be possible after deduction of an admin fee and any return shipping costs to the brewery. Following any subscription returns your subscription going forward will be automatically cancelled.

1.10.4 As subscription orders are shipped with a discount applied to them already by us, this spend does not qualify for the loyalty spend.

1.11 Samples^ - If you submit a request to our invite-only samples club, you agree and commit to receiving sample boxes from us at a charge of £7.50 + VAT each time (no more than monthly in frequency) which will be applied to your normal payment method each time we send a new box out to you. We cannot guarantee or edit the contents of the sample boxes, they contain uncurated samples which are provided free of charge from our producers but are boxed and shipped by EeBriaTrade on a drop-ship basis. Unfortunately once dispatched, the handling and shipping charge will be non-refundable and the items within are non-returnable and have a zero cost value in the event of any breakages. You can cancel your membership of the samples subscription at any time by contacting your account manager.

1.12 Sender - UK beers and drinks are shipped from the brewery or producer controlled location. Products from international breweries, are either brewed on contract in the UK with a carefully chosen brewery partner and so shipped from this UK production site, or their products are shipped from their original country using a selected importer based in the UK. The importers are normally selected by the brewery as their UK representative and so products are moved from the importer's UK warehouse. Occasionally (and when our EU services launch in 2022), the importer may be EeBria bringing in the beer directly from the brewery ourselves.

1.13 Vessels - One-way plastic kegs, bottles and cans are the customers responsibility to keep and dispose of responsibly. However, steel (or similar) kegs or casks which are delivered to you only as a vessel for the beer inside, remain the property of the brewery or of their keg rental partner (e.g. Kegstar).

When buying a product advertised as cask or steel keg, you accept responsibility for storing and returning the vessel to the brewery or their notified partner upon request or making purchase of the vessel in full.

1.14 Cask or Steel Keg Returns - The standard process for cask returns is to book collection for each 'set' of producer casks via the website and then hand them over to the appropriate courier with a shipping label/reference numbers attached. Our team will supply you with the relevant information to enact a return and the information will be provided in my account to keep track of your as yet un-returned casks. Reminders will be sent to book in returns, and our team will get in touch before applying any late return charges. Casks which are not returned within an acceptable time frame may be subject to a £50 charge to purchase them from the brewery. After a period of 12 weeks, or if the vessel is confirmed as lost or misplaced, we have the right to charge your saved credit card, or invoice you as normal to account for the missing steel vessel to the value of £50.

Cask and Steel Keg courier services are very specialised due to their volume and weight. Should you misuse our standard courier services by mistakenly handing over a much heavier steel or larger format vessel than the one which was booked in for the return (e.g. not sending the vessels back empty), we are entitled to charge or withhold the extra cost of shipping which incurred for an incorrect and oversized item. Misusing our returns service by sending the incorrect items may also incur charges of up to £25 per item.

1.15 Mixed Cases - This product type is only available for retail / individual buyers and is not available for trade customers. A mixed case option is made available by some sellers in order to enable customers at home to purchase a range of beers within a single case or cans or bottles. These mixed cases cannot be edited based on specific requests or the exact content confirmed before purchase or shipment. The product listing will indicate the approximate make up of the box with regards to styles and ratios. No return or discount will be accepted unless the contents of the received box is greatly different from the reasonable expectation formed based on the product description. If it is a mixed case it must contain a minimum of 2 different types of product only, however, guidelines have been issued to the sellers to ensure they make it clear if a case is not sufficiently varied.

2. Prices

2.1 Prices - All prices on our UK site are quoted in pounds sterling, and may be per bottle or per case, keg or cask, as marked. The prices exclude applicable Value Added Tax at the prevailing rate, unless otherwise specified. VAT where applicable will be added and visible during the checkout process.

Prices on the site are ultimately set by the seller and then any additional charges required to fulfill the order such as the basic cost of shipping may be added by us. Customers may see different prices due to their relative locations and additional courier costs, or where they are a retail buyer they may see products at a higher price compared to a wholesale trade buyer.

The price shown for UK registered accounts is for the item with all applicable UK alcohol duty paid for the relevant vessel. From August 2023 with the new UK duty regime, items sold in a vessel format designed for draught serving on premises will be duty paid only for that purpose. Should you be intending to sell draught products for customer takeaway we have provided an option for you to selectively pay the additional duty payment to the brewery where applicable. Please ensure you have selected the option in your Account (user settings) to see the extra duty options, and then please add the extra payment in your basket. Where the brewery has agree to allow this, you'll see the extra charge in the basket which will cover the extra duty required on a large format vessel (>20l) if draught duty relief is removed. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the draught duty relief payment is applied and only those where 'full duty paid' is shown on your invoice is then sold for takeaway. EeBria takes no responsibility for any end customer misuse of draught containers from a duty perspective.

2.2 Description and price of the goods - We make every effort to ensure that prices and descriptions of goods shown on our website are accurate at the time you place your order. All listings and detailed descriptions of beers are provided by the brewery. The price of the goods will be as shown on the checkout page of our website when you place your order. We will charge you this amount.

In the unlikely event that the price shown on the checkout page is wrong, and we discover this before shipping your order, we are not required to sell the goods to you at the price shown. We always try and ensure that the prices of goods shown on our website are accurate, but occasionally genuine errors may occur. If we discover an error in the price of the goods that you have ordered we will let you know as soon as possible and give you the option of reconfirming your order at the correct price or cancelling it.

2.3 Shipping Charges - The advertised price for products also includes the basic delivery charge for shipping the item using a courier service. The original sales price set by the seller is increased by our systems to apply the correct shipping charges (subject to minimum orders) so that customers see the price inclusive of shipping the minimum order quantity to their account address. All shipping charges unless notified otherwise are charged by EeBria.

In the case where the minimum order for a product type is not reached (for example cases of cans may need to be sold in sets of 3 or more), the checkout process will demonstrate the required amount needed to reach the minimum order size and therefore achieve the advertised price. Alternatively, we will offer the option to buy the selected product in a lower quantity or without corresponding 'bundle' items subject to paying an extra shipping subsidy to cover the extra relative costs to us. The extra shipping will be clearly shown in the checkout process, once accepted and paid for as part of an order, that shipping charge is not refundable.

For customers in regions where our couriers apply a surcharge (non-mainland UK for example, or cities with low emission zones) you will clearly be shown a regional shipping charge where extra shipping is required to fulfil your order. These are usually applied per shipment rather than per item in order to reduce the impact on your basket. As above, once accepted and the order is completed, this shipping charge is not refundable.

3. Credit Card Prepayments

3.1 We accept payment by all major credit cards and this is the default method of payment we offer to all customers, with payment taken at the point of order.

3.2 If the payment is processed by our secure credit card provider, but there is an error which results in EeBriaTrade not receiving payment from the customer, EeBriaTrade reserves the right to reprocess the payment at a later date. If this is not successful the customer will also be asked to pay on the site with an alternative payment method, and given a reasonable period of time to complete the payment - usually no more than 14 days. As above, until payment is successfully made to EeBria, risk and title of the goods does not transfer.

3.3 If you choose to store your card details on your account page, you may authorise your account manager to process orders on your behalf, for example over the phone, using the stored details. Our account managers will only do this with explicit instructions from the account holder, or where we have an outstanding and overdue balance on your account from a separate credit order.

4. Credit Purchases^

4.1 Direct Debit - Short Term Arrangements

If we grant you a short term direct debit credit facility, we will ask you to register and approve a variable direct debit agreement with us using our third party direct debit partner GoCardless.

We may need to take a test payment of £1.00 to verify your account. Subsequently, we will take funds directly from your bank account to settle any website transactions where you checkout on invoice using your Direct Debit facility.

You will receive a notification from GoCardless each time a payment is initiated, providing you with the date of collection. Unless we have agreed additional terms with you then the request to collect will be issued on asap terms and the money will leave your account between 4 and 8 days after the original website transaction. Should you have 14-day terms on your DD agreement with us then the money will leave your account 11-15 days after order. The timing is somewhat out of our control as this is automated by our Direct Debit collections partner after we submit collections to them and subject to the timings from your bank. Please be aware the date on your invoices for Direct Debit are set at 7 or 14 days after order, but collection may be made up to 3 days sooner.

Should a direct debit collection fail you will be notified and given the chance to make an electronic payment to our account within 2 working days. Alternatively, we will seek to rectify the balance by any reasonable means. We may where possible charge the same amount due to any stored credit card on your account, or offset credit available from other placed orders with us. We will otherwise resubmit the direct debit collection again, in stage payments if required until the balance due is recovered.

Should payment not be received as per the planned direct debit arrangements or backups above, EeBria can charge interest and late payment charges as per statutory rates. We will also be entitled to pass on the cost of any third-party debt collection necessary to settle your account.

4.2 Invoice Credit - Longer Term Arrangements

If you are approved for longer-term credit, by which we invoice you to settle manually at a later date, our standard terms for credit are 7 days after order date and we must receive payment on time to ensure that credit purchasing remains possible on your account.

If you are approved for a longer period before payment on your invoices this will be confirmed in writing by your account manager. Payment terms of 30 days or more are accepted only for our very largest customers.

Invoices are generated at the point of confirmed order and credit terms are calculated based on the order date, not the delivery date. In the case of a pre-order where the arrangement of the delivery is clearly advertised as from a fixed future date, we will allow extra time for credit invoices to be settled after delivery. The due date will instead be extended to a maximum of 7 days after delivery should the normal due date fall before delivery.

Payment in these instances must be made electronically into the EeBria bank account as advised on your invoice.

Should your account become overdue you will be notified and given the chance to make an electronic payment to our account within 2 working days. Alternatively, we will seek to rectify the balance by any reasonable means. After offseting any other credit on your account, we may where possible charge the same amount due to any stored credit card on your account or utilise any direct debit mandates you have given us permission to use to bring the account back in line.

Should payment not be received within the agreed credit period, EeBria retains the right to charge interest and late payment charges, and/or suspend your account to remove the credit facility. Any debtor collection agency fees will also be added to your bill.

EeBria reserves the right to assign at their discretion any and all invoices for orders made on credit to a third party such as an invoice factoring provider.

4.3 Credit Limits- The credit value for either method of initial credit which is extended to customer will be confirmed at the time of approval (“the credit limit”). The value of the credit limit will include the total of product and delivery charges, plus the current standard rate of VAT.

If the balance on any customer account exceeds the currently approved credit limit then EeBria will automatically suspend the ability to make further purchases on the site on credit until a payment is made to reduce the balance or settle the account in full. This will not affect the customer's ability to make payments on credit card, but orders may be held if there is any doubt to the recoverability of our debt.

We may adjust the level of credit provided to a customer at any time. Late payment or other indication of reduced credit worthiness may result in a reduction of the credit limit. Following a period of trading successfully together credit limits may also at EeBria's discretion be increased.

4.4 Withdrawal of Credit - The offer of credit may be withdrawn, increased or reduced at the discretion of the directors of EeBria at any time. After withdrawal of credit, any outstanding transactions requiring payment will be payable via invoice as per the agreed credit terms.

Removal of credit will not automatically affect the online accounts or your access to the website, however further purchases after withdrawal of credit will require a credit card to process.

Should your credit account be withdrawn due to non payment, future orders placed with us on credit card may be rejected until such time the credit account is settled with us. We reserve the right, where collection attempts have been unsuccessful via other means, to offset credit card funds received for new orders against an outstanding credit balance. This can be achieved by cancelling new orders in part or as a whole and allocating a proportion of the refund due to the credit account as required.

Requests to increase the credit limit should be submitted to your EeBria account manager. If granted this will be confirmed in writing, usually email.

4.5 Payment of Invoices - Payment for credit purchases must be made electronically, directly into the relevant EeBria Group bank account as per the instructions on your invoice or as advised by your account manager.

4.6 Authorisation to buy on Credit - An automatic right to order beer on credit is deemed to be in place for any online accounts linked to a head office credit agreement. If somebody without the proper authorisation of the Customer uses an approved customer account to order for an approved premises then EeBria will accept no responsibility or refund requests for those purchases should they be made via a logged-in account or placed on the phone for an authorised address. To revoke the credit buying privileges of any outlets, the head office contact must notify their account manager and allow us at least 24 hours to action.

Should you be the account holder and buyer for your premises and you find you are able to buy on invoice, this will be due to you either holding a credit account with us or via your presumed ownership or association with a hospitality chain or head office account. You are expected to not take advantage of the credit account checkout option beyond the end date of your association with the legal entity that controls that credit account. Should you intentionally purchase on an account which you have no right to, or do so beyond the date which you are entitled to use a centralised account, then we remind you that we retain the right of title to the goods until payment and we will be entitled to seek payment from the relevant legal owners of the business to which products were delivered.

5. Age restriction

5.1 By registering an account and placing an order you confirm that you are at least 18 years old (or of legal drinking age in the country of delivery should you be based outside of the UK).

5.2 If our couriers, or producers, are in any doubt about the age of the recipient on delivery, they will be entitled to request some form of ID. If the person receiving the products is unable to produce appropriate ID, unfortunately, our couriers will be unable to leave the products.

5.3 Once the products have been delivered, according to your original delivery instructions, it becomes the recipient's responsibility to ensure that alcohol products are consumed or distributed within the law.

6. Security

6.1 Where payment is taken on credit card, we use a secure payment server with state-of-the-art encryption and secure socket layer (SSL) technology for the transfer of credit card information. Additionally, we have security measures in place to protect our customer database and access to this database is restricted internally. Our credit provider is fully registered and regulated by the FCA.

6.2 If you choose to store your credit card details on your account page, these details are not stored or held by EeBriaTrade directly, but held securely by our card payment processing partner.

6.3 It is your responsibility to protect your password from being disclosed to any third party. Transactions made via a login on your account which are then shipped will be deemed to be authorised by the account holder.

7. Cancellations

7.1 For normal orders (exc subscriptions or tap takeovers as covered elsewhere in these terms), you may cancel your order for any reason, provided that it has not yet been processed by the sender.

In practice this means that the order cancellation request needs to be received by us in advance of the producer booking in the order for collection with our courier partners. We may also be able to still stop an order and enact a cancellation without charge if the request to cancel is received after this booking is made, but still the day prior to collection, but this is on a case by case basis and will vary between orders and couriers. Please note, most transactions result in a shipping date being booked for the following working day and the order is often booked in for collection almost immediately. So it is important that you act quickly in the event you need to cancel and you give us sufficient time to contact the producer and enact the cancellation request for you before costs are incurred.

If the cancellation is received after courier charges have been incurred by us then any refund will be made net of any irrecoverable shipping charges and potentially a small admin fee (see 7.7). If the order is in transit at the time you request cancellation then we apply the returns policy as the window for cancellation under this clause will be deemed to have expired.

7.2 In order to cancel your order you must contact our the customer services team immediately on customerservices@eebriatrade.com or call and speak to your Account Manager (details for your dedicated account manager are on the contact page). You may also write to us at EeBria, 8 Melville Crescent, Edinburgh, Scotland, EH3 7JA (time allowing)

7.3 For simple cancellations, where the whole order is to be cancelled, we will issue a credit note for credit accounts, or where it was paid on card you will have the choice of a voucher code ('coupon') to use immediately for the value of your order against another purchase, or the funds will be returned to your card within 30 days of cancellation less any credit card fees incurred. If a direct debit payment has already been submitted and processed by our collections provider we will only be able to provide a refund when the money clears our account and the refund will be made less a £1 charge to cover those collection costs. We can more easily provide a coupon code for use against a future order instead which will avoid the transaction charges.

7.4 For orders involving multiple producers, where some shipping has begun, but not all of the order has been dispatched, we may be able to cancel the part of your order which has not yet shipped or been booked in at the time of your cancellation request. However this will result in a credit note or coupon code being issued to use on a later date, rather than a cash refund as the order is deemed to be in progress. As per 7.7 this may also be net of some small admin charges.

7.5 For long term subscriptions, Tap Takeovers and other Tenders the cancellation process is more complex and a larger admin fee for our services may still be chargeable. Please see the guidance in 1.8 - 1.10 for this.

7.6 Refusal of delivery. Should you refuse or be unable to take delivery of all or part of an order then we will apply our returns policy below. This includes the event where your delivery address was provided to us incorrectly or if the delivery address is unexpectedly closed or inaccessible for delivery drivers for any reason. After failed delivery attempts, the items from your order will be returned to the sender and inspected upon arrival. If the product is not deemed damaged or incorrect to the extent that it was entitled to a refund then we will be unable to refund you in full as the return shipping costs will need to be covered, and also in some cases an administration fee. Should the item be lost on return due to an unauthorised refusal of your delivery, then no refund will be possible. We recommend that you contact the team in the case of a delivery you do not wish to accept in order that we can advise you fully. It is better and simpler to accept an order and allow us to troubleshoot from there and apply our policy regarding damaged or incorrect items from the section below.

7.7 The refund following your cancellation of an order may at our discretion be made net of a small admin fee. Should payment be take on card then we incur costs of processing the order in the region of 2%. All cancellations also include unavoidable admin time from our team which is a minimum of £5 per transaction, increasing with each additional seller we need to contact to adjust or cancel your order. We try to avoid applying such charges and should your cancellation be for any reason relating to poor service or unavailability of an item this will naturally be waived. However please be aware that cancellations following placement of an order without good reason and/or as a recurring habit, we may choose to apply this cancellation charge clause and charges and deduct the higher of £5 per producer or £5% of the order value from any refund due. We may also withdraw access to your account if orders are regularly placed and then cancelled in bad faith.

7.8 Any refund or goodwill gesture which is issued as a coupon code for future use against another order must be used within 12 months of issue or they will expire and the refund value surrendered. There is no automatic cash equivalent or right attached to these coupon codes after they have been issued and accepted.

8. Returns, Refunds and Discounts

8.1 If some or all of the products are broken or spoiled when they are delivered you should notify us as soon as possible. We advise that where safe to do so you accept delivery from our couriers, asking them to make a note of any visible damages to the item(s).

If a keg has a damaged tamper/safety cap upon delivery please photograph this and report to us immediately. We cannot accept returns of polykegs where the red pressure tag has been removed after receipt as a user error, or where an incorrect connector has been used which has damaged the head of the item and/or exposed the internal contents. However in the unlikely event the pressure tag has been removed in transit or the connector area has been subject to any visible transit trauma a photo of the keg head being damaged upon delivery will be accepted for a full refund or replacement by our team.

8.2 You must notify us of all products that are due to be returned for any of the reasons stated in this clause within 5 working days from delivery of the products. You must contact our customer services department immediately on customerservices@eebriatrade.com. Reasons for returns as follows will be accepted: broken vessels on delivery, spoiled goods, misdescribed goods.

8.3 As the products we sell are perishable items and in sealed containers, once tapped we can't accept a return of a keg containing the incorrect beer. Please take note and check the labels carefully upon delivery. Of course, if the beer sent out by the producer in error is priced at a lower value on our site we'll refund the difference and a more expensive beer if sent in error will be at no extra charge.

8.4 Should there be minor damage to a keg (or similar) vessel that does not affect the ability (or safety) of dispensing the product within, we will not be able to offer a return and refund if the main purpose of the outer packaging is unaffected. Examples of this might be a cracked handle or denting to metal containers where the vessel is still pressurised. We do ask that customers notify us of these incidents so we can see if there is something we can do and we can investigate thoroughly with our couriers. We also ask customers to take particular care when transporting any of these affected products to their cellars as damage incurred once delivered and therefore transferred into your care cannot be rectified by us.

8.5 We will consider requests for refunds or returns for cosmetic reasons where the damage to cans and bottles in transit precludes them from being sold to your customers. However we advise that due to the nature of mail-order delivery, there is some inherent risk with all our orders, so please be aware that small label scratches and minor denting to cans may be unavoidable. That risk must be accepted by all customers using our services. If you have any issues with the standard of any items upon arrival please contact customer services or your account manager immediately and we will see what we can do for you. If any cans or bottles in a case are missing or unsealed we will of course issue a refund (see 8.10) for the pro rata value of the unit(s) not delivered successfully. However missing items is not deemed sufficient to qualify the case as entirely broken or spoiled for the purposes of 8.2 except where the missing items are >1/3 of the original case size. Where a case has undergone a poor delivery and is partially damaged or dented but the products within the case are legally saleable and sealed, we reserve the right to offer an appropriate discount and reject the returns request accordingly.

8.6 Kegs or Casks may be labelled as 'including pumpclips' on the listing. On occasion, these may be lost in transit or the brewers may forget to attach them in error. Please notify us immediately if you're missing one on delivery so we can make it right. We offer high-quality printable images for you to print yourself and use immediately, and we will always contact the brewery to ask them to send out the correct original clip via the post, but again we cannot guarantee this will be successful or swift. Missing pumpclips on delivery are not accepted as a reason to return the item for a full refund, the provision of a pumpclip alongside the product is advisory and not guaranteed.

8.7 We cannot guarantee the outer packaging in which cans and bottles will be delivered to you. The original brewery packaging may vary between cases and in the unfortunate event of a courier incident, bottles and cans may need to be repackaged to enable the remainder of the delivery to be completed. Missing or broken items are covered by our returns policy above but packaging issues alone will not be accepted as a reason for refund, except in exceptional cases.

8.8 As we use third party couriers, we rely on their third party delivery tracking for confirming deliveries. When an order is deemed dispatched, either by courier tracking or confirmation from the seller, you should receive a dispatch email to your account address. Where we have a clear and complete confirmation of delivery from our partner's system, the relevant part of your order will be deemed complete and this will be reflected on your account online against the order. A delivery confirmation note may also be issued to your account email address automatically by our system in this instance too. Delivery notes may not always be issued to your email address where orders are closed off manually by our team due to stage deliveries but all orders marked as dispatched will also be automatically closed by our team following a reasonable window of time where there are no issue reports from the courier partner or evidence to support that the order was incomplete. Should you wish to dispute the delivery being successful or if you believe you have received an incorrect item, then please contact us within 5 working days of the emailed delivery notification, or alternatively within 2 weeks of your order being placed/the expected order shipment date. Reports of failed deliveries later than this may be outside of the window where we can investigate and potentially resolve this with the courier company and therefore no refund or rearrangement will therefore be possible.

8.9 If you are returning an item to us as per 8.2 or an agreed to exceptional return as per the below, then please ensure you take careful note of the instructions and information provided by our team regarding courier collection. The item will be picked up by a third party courier and it will be fully tracked by us, however, it is your responsibility to collect evidence of collection and to hand over to the correct courier. If appropriate windows for collection are not provided in a reasonable timeframe, or the address is not accessible or staffed as required to make collection possible then there may be extra charges incurred with the courier company or the return window may be deemed closed. Should the item be returned in an incorrect manner and therefore not successfully returned, we will be unable to issue the refund as planned or may have to apply extra charges to the resulting refund value.

We do not accept returns for other reasons outside of 8.2, but will consider requests on a case by case basis. For clarity any product which is perishable and has been in the customer's possession for longer than one month will not be considered for a return unless there is a known product recall by the seller, as the customer storage of the product can have a huge impact on the condition of the item. In any optional return the original seller will need to first agree to take the item back and void the sale which is at their discretion. Any shipping charges from couriers will be recovered / withheld from the refunded amount, including the return shipment cost. There will also be an admin fee charged by us to cover our lost earnings and organisation of the return (a minimum of 10%).

8.10 Refund Method - Where the whole order is to be refunded, we will issue a credit note for credit accounts, or where it was paid on card you will have the choice of a voucher code to use immediately for the value of your order against another purchase, or the funds will be returned to your card within 10 days of the refund request being accepted by us. If a direct debit payment has already been submitted and processed by our collections provider we will only be able to provide a refund when the money clears our account and subject to you providing us with bank details, or we can provide a credit code for use against a future order instead.

For orders with only a partial return and refund due and paid on credit card or direct debit we will normally default to a voucher code for your next order. However you can request that this is switched over to a cash refund to your card or bank account if you notify us of this preference within one month of the refund acceptance and code being issued by us.

As per 7.8 voucher codes are only valid for 12 months and must be used against a new order in that time or the refund period is deemed to be expired.

8.11 Discount Codes - Where discounts are advertised on the site these must be validated in the basket in order for them to be deducted from your final spend. If a discount code is not valid at the checkout or not entered correctly and so is not displayed on screen as a deduction to the final cost, the discount is deemed not applicable to your order. Discount cannot be retrospectively added to your account except in exceptional circumstances, contact our customer services team if you think there was a genuine error and they will double check for you.

8.12 Our Loyalty Scheme is designed to generate thank you discount codes for using our service. This can result in discount codes being issued to your account which will reduce the cost of a future order if used in a given time window on full value products. The Loyalty Scheme is a discretionary policy which may be adjusted or withdrawn at any time. There is no formal financial or cash value associated with the Loyalty Scheme. Codes cannot be used on other accounts, they cannot be exchanged for cash and they will automatically expire at the end of the following month. Their calculation is based only on 'valid' full value product purchases in a given time period and will only be issued to active accounts where invoice payments are made on time and where other criteria for being a loyal customer are met.

9. Intellectual Property Rights

9.1 You agree and acknowledge that we own or are licensed to use all copyright, database rights, trademarks and other intellectual property rights in and to all parts of this web site, and to the business of EeBriaTrade.com, the structure, design and layout of the web site, the styles of the products.

9.2 You are entitled to use our web site in accordance with these Terms and Conditions only. You must obtain our prior written consent before you use our web site or any part of it in any other manner.

9.3 EeBriaTrade reserves the right to request that any persons, individual and corporate, providing hypertext or other links to the eebriatrade.com web site, other than to our home page, from their own web site or from a third party's website, to remove the links immediately if EeBriaTrade, at its sole discretion, deems them to be unacceptable.

10. Warranties

10.1 We warrant, on behalf of the breweries listing on the site, that the products will be of satisfactory quality and fit for their general purpose.

10.2 Producers are invited to list the allergen info on their products when adding products to the website. However, we as the agent, not the producer cannot guarantee that accuracy of that information ourselves. Any legal consequences of misinformation or ingredient errors we will of course assist in passing through any concerns or claims to the producer or other listing seller. Should you require detailed information regarding allergens or other ingredient information which you wish to rely on, please contact us so that we can attempt to get a confirmed response in writing from the brewery for you as additional comfort in the matter.

11. Limitation of liability

11.1 Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall exclude EeBriaTrade liability for personal injury or death caused by its negligence.

11.2 We will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by us or our employees or agents in circumstances where:

i. loss or damage was not foreseeable to both parties when the contract was formed;
ii. loss or damage was not caused by any breach on the part of the supplier;
iii. loss or damage relates to business and/or non-consumers.

11.3 Subject to 10.1 we will not be liable for loss or damage caused by the customer handling the products. In particular, we will not be liable for spillages or breakages.

11.4 Customers should also be aware of the following inherent risks and warnings:

i. Some of our products are heavy so extra care should be taken when lifting them.
ii. Some products may cause staining if spilt so extra care should be taken
iii. Sparkling products can be volatile due to the build-up of gasses extra care should be taken when opening these.
iv. Due to the risk of breakage in transit, there is a small risk of broken glass when purchasing bottles from our site. Please open any damaged or repackaged orders with care.

12. Data Protection

12.1 By providing your details to EeBriaTrade on our web site, you consent to EeBriaTrade maintaining, recording, holding and using the information you give EeBriaTrade at the time of ordering to process your orders, to improve our service to you and inform you of promotions. All data is collected lawfully and maintained in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, and the new GDPR Guidance which came into effect in 2018.

12.2 EeBria Privacy Promise. (For more information please see our detailed privacy policy). We take your privacy very seriously and will not pass your details to any third party without your permission, other than where we have to do so to get your products to you such as the producers and our delivery company. From time to time, EeBriaTrade may send information about discounts, free stuff and personalised offers on certain products, including many exclusive deals, unless you have told us not to do so by unsubscribing in the My Account section of the website.

12.3 If you opt-out from hearing from EeBriaTrade, you will only be contacted by EeBriaTrade in relation to any purchases made on our site (e.g. order confirmation emails) or if our terms and conditions change in a significant manner, but we promise to do so no more than three times per year.

12.4 Promotions - sometimes we may have a promotion running, during which you can qualify for a free gift from an associated party with a minimum spend (e.g. a free box of crisps). When these promotions are running, in order to send you the free gift we may have to share your delivery address with a third party. You can opt-out of the free gift and therefore your address being shared by contacting your account manager.

12.5 If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, please email us at info@eebriatrade.com

13. Credit Applications^

13.1 Where credit terms are deemed appropriate, EeBria may work at its discretion with a third party FCA- authorised supplier in order to perform a check regarding creditworthiness. Details of any third party arrangements or credit check will be supplied at application stage on request.

14. Alcohol Wholesaler Registration Scheme

14.1 Craft Beer Holdings Limited is registered with AWRS as a broker and wholesaler of alcohol. We have performed initial checks to ensure all our partner breweries are compliant as at 1st April 2017 and periodic checks will be performed to maintain the accuracy of that information. Your invoice will clearly show the AWRS number of all the parties in the transaction.

14.2 If you intend to sell the products on to another business, rather than simply selling the product as a retail item, it is your responsibility to maintain your own AWRS registration. Please seek independent advice regarding this matter, EeBria cannot provide advice on customer registrations, nor will we be liable in an instance where a customer has not sought the proper registration for their business activities.

15. General

15.1 We shall not be liable for any delay in delivering your products if that delay or failure is caused by circumstances beyond our control such as, war, riot, civil commotion, malicious damage, compliance with any law or governmental order, rule, regulation or direction, fire, flood, storm or Act of God, failure of ISP or telecommunications provider in connection with the performance of this Agreement.

15.2 Individuals using EeBriaTrade must be registered and recorded as an 'Individual type buyer' as shown on my account. By registering and buying on EeBriaTrade as a business, particularly if you request full licensed wholesale access to our product listings you confirm that you have the necessary licenses to purchase and sell alcohol. EeBriaTrade, or the producer purchased from, will not be held responsible should an unlicensed, or incorrectly licensed, premises buy from EeBriaTrade. Should you use a verified trade account to buy, and subsequently request delivery be made to an alternative, unlicensed address for your convenience/opening hours reasons, this is allowable but any address change we make upon request is on the understanding that the license holder for the buying account is fully aware and that any sales and consumption of the goods will be appropriately relocated to the verified location in order that you remain compliant with any licensing restrictions. We will not be held responsible for any unauthorised address changes for deliveries and unlicensed or personal consumption.

15.3 The address supplied for each user on 'My Account' and used to ship goods will be treated as the customers billing address and used to address our invoices unless an alternative address has been supplied for the purposes of billing, either entered at the point of credit card checkout (utilising the option for an alternative billing address) or when agreeing credit terms with us.

15.4 EeBriaTrade may change or add to these terms and conditions for security, legal or regulatory reasons. We will not use this right to vary the terms of any special offer that applies to you.

15.5 No contract exists between you and us until we notify you that we have accepted your order and delivered the goods. We are not obliged to accept your order.

15.6 Relevant United Kingdom law will apply to these terms and conditions and the relevant courts of the United Kingdom will have exclusive jurisdiction. Here are our details should you want to contact us:

The EeBria Group's registered and correspondence address is:
Craft Beer Holdings Limited,
8 Melville Crescent,
Edinburgh, Scotland,
email: info@eebriatrade.com

Alcohol Wholesale Registration Scheme Number:

* Definition - "Return Shipping" includes the round cost of shipping an item from the brewery and then back again.