Our next tap takeover and trade events are with the excellent Ridgeside brewery, based in Leeds, Yorkshire.

Ridgeside Brewery was originally founded back in 2010 by the late Simon Bolderson. Back then it built a reputation on producing cask ales, with a particular focus on hop-forward pales. When management switched to the current owners Jorge Gonzalez Moore, Matt Lovatt and Juan Mendoza in 2015, the approach of the brewery changed to a more embracing attitude towards the modern UK craft beer movement, while still preserving the legacy of its first days.

Both the logo and the name of the brewery are inspired by its location in the Meanwood Valley, around a mile north of Leeds city centre. From there it’s possible to see the strip of woodland called Woodhouse Ridge or simply 'The Ridge', as it is locally known. It is a beautiful area of mature woodland that has survived various urban expansions and the brewery is located adjacent to this ridge, hence the name. The brewery’s logo depicts an old factory that is also on the side of the Ridge: “We love the juxtaposition of the industrial buildings against the wild wooded areas", says Josh Waldock, one of the managers.

When asked about their current production, the brewers emphasize variety: “In addition to our solid lineup of long-time favourites, we are constantly experimenting with different styles, flavours and aromas, and producing seasonal and limited edition specials. Whether tinkering with specialty malts, long conditioning lagers, or perfecting our kettle souring techniques, we're committed to bringing a fresh and better approach to brewing beers. It is difficult to select favourites from the multitude of beers we have released recently, but we are very pleased with our kettle souring at the moment. Thicket (4.5% Bramble Sour), Small Times (2.7% Dry Hop Sour w/Wai-Iti) and Momotaro (4.1% Peach Berliner Weisse) have all come out in the last couple of months, and we have had excellent feedback on all three so we are very happy!".

The labels and illustrations of Ridgeside’s bottles,cans and pump clips are also very creative, combining vintage pictures and illustrations with colourful elements from contemporary graphic design, showing a perfect blend between traditional and modern - just as the brewers intend their legacy to be.

Their famous series of three 7.4% IPAs brewed with different hop selections deserves special mention as EeBria is honoured to be part of its history. The first one, named Wubbalubbadubdub (I dare you to speak it out loud) came fourth at the Hop City beer festival held at Northern Monk Refectory which included heavyweight breweries like Alchemist, DEYA, Cloudwater, Verdant and many others. The second beer is Rikki Tikki Tavi , launched during Manchester Beer Week and also received very high ratings. Now, the third and final chapter of the series will be launched at EeBria taproom this weekend during the tap takeover, and is called ...And That's the Way the News Goes!.

But our EeBria-Ridgeside’s tap takeover is not the only recent activity planned by the brewery, on the contrary: “We have a jam-packed brewing schedule. We are brewing a beer especially for a local film festival, two beers to be launched at IndyManBeerCon, and a very special secret collaboration that will be released in mid-October! I suppose the next beer we would like to brew that isn't already planned out would be something barrel-aged. We are hoping to acquire some wine and spirit barrels in the near future, and are excited to experiment by using them with Brettanomyces, Imperial Stouts, Saisons and Sours", says Josh.

Despite the strong bonds with their surroundings, Ridgeside is considering relocating closer to the city centre in Leeds: “Due to our distance from the city centre, a taproom with regular opening hours isn't a realistic prospect at this moment in time. Moving might give us the opportunity to open up an official taproom and also give us more room for potential expansion of equipment and capacity to eventually expand our wholesales. EeBriaTrade gives us access to the whole of the UK but we would love to also have some beers internationally exported one day".

The Ridgeside tap takeover takes place on Saturday 19th August in our Bermondsey taproom, and the trade event happens on Monday 21st August. Register your tickets here and make sure if you’re a trade buyer you make the most of hr one week 10% discount on their beers, exclusively through the eebriatrade platform.


1. ...And That's The Way The News Goes! (7.4%, the third and final Rick and Morty themed DIPA, on tap for the first time anywhere!)
2. Momotaro (4.5% Peach Sour)
3. Small Times (2.7% Sour Dry Hopped with Wai-iti)
4. Helios (4% Citra Session IPA)
5. Stratus Summer Waimea El Dorado (5.6% Dry Hopped Pale)
6.Kodiak (6.1% Maple & Pecan Porter)

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