OK, so maybe we can’t prove that, but 4 days is at short as we have ever heard of….

EeBriaTrade are teaming up with in demand, highly rated brewery Odyssey Brew Co. to release the second version of KO IPA (‘kegged on’ IPA), their hoppiest, fruitiest IPA yet. To make sure it is enjoyed at its absolute freshest, it will be shipped the same day as it is put into kegs, and the Best Before End date will be the 4th February, just 4 days after it’s kegged!

The first version of Odyssey’s KO IPA was a smash hit with customers, being served just days after packaging so the huge amounts of hops involved were at their very best. The beer sold out in hours at the pubs where it was served and was one of Odyssey’s highest rated beers on the ratings site Untappd (4.14), which is saying something considering they are rated 5th in the UK.

This latest version will be an incredibly limited release, 7% juicy IPA with the hops at over 30 grams per litre which is insane. At just £121 per 30 litre keg, it is also amazing value, so snap these uo while you can.

Who are Odyssey?

Odyssey Brew Co started in 2015, tucked away in beautiful part of Herefordshire, the Brockhampton National Trust Estate. The historic, idyllic surroundings hide one of the most ambitious, modern and exciting breweries in the country, producing some of the highest rated beers of the last year. Inspired by their fellow brewers, they are set apart by their complete commitment to quality and improving their product, regardless of the bottom line - their mantra is product before profit, it’s what’s inside that counts.

They are a tiny, family run outfit (just 6BBL capacity), and are making KO IPA because they love brewing and it is a chance to showcase their beer at it’s very freshest. While they love hop monster beers, this year they are planning to go big on imperial stouts, so watch out for some dark magic coming your way soon!

Here is a quote from Odyssey Brew Co’s founder, Mitchell Evans:

"At Odyssey we like to make incredibly hoppy but incredibly drinkable beers that are at their best when super fresh. To show pubs and drinkers how important to us this is and give them something a bit special, we have created KO IPA, a beer that will tell consumers exactly what date the beer was put into kegs, and what our recommended Best Before Date is. Look, this beer will taste amazing long after that date has expired but this exercise gives the consumer a chance to taste the beer exactly as we do when fresh from our tanks. In this instance we have chosen to make that date just 4 days after the kegging date, so pubs serve it as fresh as we want and the customers get a special experience that is limited to a couple of days. EeBriaTrade has allowed us to get the beer to customers all over the UK just 24 hours after kegging, enabling us to create this extra special beer and ensure it gets to as many of our far flung fans as possible. We hope people love drinking this beer and above all have fun with the whole concept and experience - because ultimately enjoyment is what it should all be about."

So how do you get this beer?

Well it goes on sale in kegs on the 17th January at 12pm exclusively at EeBriaTrade.com on a first come first served basis, so if you are a pub, bar or shop and want this rare delight, let us know you if want one and be quick! If you are a beer drinker, Odyssey will be releasing the full list of pubs that are serving it on Thursday 1st February. It will be going all over the country, so cross your fingers that one is nearby.

If you have any questions about this blog or want to get in touch about buying this beer (or any other) give us a call on 0208 004 6793 or email us at sales@eebria.com.

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