Salopian and Almasty Meet the Brewer at the EeBria Taproom

For our next event EeBriaTrade will be hosting two of the most exciting breweries in the UK - Salopian and Almasty. They are bringing their amazing beers to our London Taproom so that our trade customers can try their range and get to know these truly brilliant craft breweries.

This exclusive trade event will feature a free tasting from two breweries we believe aren’t seen in London enough! The breweries have been specially selected to represent the very best of UK craft beer, to highlight the fantastic emerging talent we have in this country and the amazing depth of quality beer that is available to pubs, bars, restaurants and shops.

Why come? To drink some amazing beer for free and meet two of the best breweries in the UK, plus you get to meet us!

When is it? Monday 29th January, from 5pm to 8pm. The brewers will be on hand to answer questions about their wonderful beer, and the EeBriaTrade staff will be on hand to serve drinks and tell you how easily you can get these beers for your bar, pub, restaurant or shop through the EeBriaTrade website.

Tell me more about Salopian and Almasty Almasty Brewing Co was founded in August 2014 in North Tyneside by Mark McGarry, a former brewer at Tyne Bank who wished for greater freedom to be able to create the beers he loved. Since then the brewery has continued to grow and expand in to one of the most loved breweries in the North East.

Instead of focusing on traditional brews and core ranges, Almasty have continually pushed the boundaries in beer making, focusing more on the continually changing seasons and the different ingredients they offer to create fresh and interesting beers to entice their customers.

While they are building a fantastic reputation in the North East (already 39th in England on Untappd), they are still a small brewery and their beers are rarely seen in London and the South East. Now EeBriaTrade are able to deliver their beers all over the UK, more people will be able to see how good they are and their reputation will improve even further.

Salopian Brewery was founded way back in 1995 on the outskirts of Shrewsbury, and for a while they were the smallest commercial brewery in the country! They have now moved to a new 80 hectolitre brew house in Hadnall, where they make beers that they would want to drink again and again.

Until 2008 the brewery focused on creating traditional well loved cask ales and bottles, very much in the Midlands style of blonde and lightly hopped beer, while growing the brewery and expanding their range.

Since then the brewery has evolved, continuing to create traditional beers for cask while adding new, modern beers that utilise more hops and a variety of techniques and styles. The transition has been a massive success, with their hop forward keg beer being regarded as among the finest in the UK, and it continues to improve and impress. They love making the best beers they can with their own little twist, and are excited to bring their beers to a wider audience.

Their small and exciting range is not often seen in London or indeed outside of the Midlands, so EeBriaTrade are looking to show the world just how good this brewery have become, and that it is not just brand new breweries that can make a splash.

If you want to come along to the event on the 29th, just register for your free tickets here

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