Three Titans Of British Brewing

On Monday 16th April, we are hosting a free trade tasting event with some of the most recognised and respected breweries in the UK. Thornbridge, Tiny Rebel and Tempest will all be bringing their amazing beers to our Bermondsey Taproom so you can try them and see why they are so sought after by bars, pubs and restaurants up and down the country.

Three of the UK’s best and most recognised breweries show the innovation and quality that has kept them at the top for years.

We will have new beers that have never been seen in London before, some total classics that are still among the best versions of their style, and some exclusive discounts for attendees.

For the first time at one of our events we will also feature cask beer, as we know a lot of you are looking for great cask, and we will also have bottles and cans to try as well!

Who are the breweries?

Thornbridge - England’s Experts! One of the first breweries on the UK craft beer scene, they started in 2005 making mostly traditional beers in cask at the picturesque Thornbridge Hall. However they quickly started brewing daring and exciting beers in keg, cask and bottles, and opened up a new state of the art brewery in Bakewell. Famous for their classic brews like Jaipur and Tzara as well as their rarer specials like imperial stouts St Petersburg and Bracia, they have kept themselves at the top table of British brewers with relentless innovation, constant quality and a commitment to making affordable, high quality beers. They are bringing along a brand new wheat beer along with a completely new chocolate and coconut stout that they are very excited about. You may think you know all about them, but they are always capable of surprises, so come along and re-introduce yourself to one of the very best.

Tiny Rebel - Welsh Wizards! For a brewery that has only been around since 2012, it feels like they have been at the top forever. That is probably because they have won so many awards, and brewed so many highly rated beers, that they feel more established than they are. While they have been rated as one of Wales’ best breweries for several years, they are not seen on bars as often as we would like, and make beers suitable for every pub, bar, restaurant or shop out there. Cwtch red ale was awarded Champion Beer Of Britain in 2015 and is perfect for more traditional audiences (or those who love a classic!) while their marshmallow porter Stay Puft and tropical fruit bowl IPA Clwb Tropicana are great for craft beer connoisseurs. For the even more adventurous they have imperial stouts, fruity sours, and a whole variety of other styles that capture the imagination and deliver big on flavour. They are bringing the universally loved Clwb Tropicana and an unusual beer called AK47, a strawberry Kvass (low alcohol rye beer) that should pique your customers interest!

Tempest - Scottish Superstars! The story of this top rated Scottish brewery starts back in the nineties, when the two founders met in New Zealand and hatched a plan to one day open a brewery. Over the decades (and several continents) this slowly came to fruition, with the brewery finally taking shape in Kelso in 2010, before a big expansion to their current home in Tweedbank. Like our other breweries, the awards have come flooding in, such as featuring in RateBeers top 100 breweries in the world, and winning Scottish brewery of the year in 2016. These guys are seen in London even less often, and we think it’s about time that changed - they are bringing their easy drinking Modern Helles and a brand new Vermont session IPA, to showcase the variety they offer. With a huge range of styles up for grabs, it is worth getting to know this popular brewery better.

When is the event?

Monday 16th April, 5pm - 8pm

Where is it?

EeBriaTap, Arch 15 Almond Road, Bermondsey, London, SE16 3LR

What will I get?

A free night of tasting beers, talking to brewers, and chatting with us! There may also be some snacks and a bit of entertainment. Don’t miss the chance to try some brand new beers, interact with both us and the breweries so you can plan and organise some new lines, and gain a better understanding of what the British brewing scene is doing right now.

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