On Monday 30th July, EeBriaTrade will be hosting a free trade tasting event with three amazing breweries and for the first time, a cider producer! Our Summer Showcase will feature fresh, easy drinking, summery styles from Twisted Barrel, Arundel and Six° North, three of the most exciting breweries in the UK, along with juicy, thirst quenching cider from the excellent Hogan’s.

These are some of our favourites producers, creating brilliant beer and cider that is not often seen in London, and which will be big sellers across the second half of the summer.

We will have exclusive beers, others that have never been seen in London before, some emerging classics and of course exclusive discounts on all the products for attendees.

Who Are The Breweries?

Twisted Barrel

Exploding onto the Coventry beer scene back in 2014, they have moved from being the smallest commercial brewery in the UK to one of the most admired and exciting producers around.

Although justifiably lauded for their exceptional core range (Sine Qua Non, The Great Went, etc), yet they are most loved for their rotating range of seasonals and one off experimental ranges, which very from imperial stouts, to double IPAs through to fruity sours.

Most recently they have found acclaim with their ‘Wrapped In’ series, a range of New England IPAs bursting with the intense character of the hop they are showcasing.

Not seen in London anywhere near enough for our liking, the beers coming out of this brewery are able to provide you with something different and fun to attract new customers, while also offering high-end versions of the most popular new styles that craft beer fans are looking for.

Six° North

Named for their location in relations to Brussels, this superb Scottish brewery are all about adapting and honouring the classic styles and traditions of Belgian beer, while still producing modern and accessible beers.

They started brewing in 2013, moving to their current premises in 2017, which has allowed them to expand and improve their range. Founder Robert Lindsay learnt his brewing skills in Belgium, which explains their love of Saisons, Tripels, Wheats and Sours, but they also make their versions of Pale Ales, Lagers and IPAs.

They rarely make it down to London (the brewery is in North East Scotland) which we are determined to change as their beers are high quality versions of classics styles with a slight twist, exactly what lots of craft beer fans are looking to drink.


Arundel have been making traditional British beers is rural Sussex for many years now, delighting local customers with beautifully made and easy drinking styles. In 2017 they made the transition into making more modern, hop forward craft beers, and have not looked back, with their new range getting amazing reviews on ratings sites like Untappd.

They now specialise in New England style IPAs, and have nailed a juicy, hazy and luscious character that few have others in the UK have been able to achieve. Putting these into kegs and stunning cans has meant they are now available nationwide through EeBriaTrade, and yet they are still rarely seen outside of Sussex, which we want to change.

Uptown and Clockwork are two of their highest rated beers ever, and we have fresh batches coming for the event and for sale afterwards, so you can get hold of one of this year’s most exciting breweries.

Hogan’s Cider

Started over 10 years over by Allen Hogan, Hogan’s has grown into one of the most respected and experimental cider producers in the country. Their products stay true to cider tradition and are made properly with locally sourced apples from small independent growers, fresh pressed and using no artificial sweeteners or colourings.

This is fantastic but could make them sound a little old fashioned, but that is certainly not true! Their stellar range in kegs, bottles and bag-in-box includes ciders that use aromatic hops, brett yeast for a funky sour edge, elderflower, and even some vintage ciders that have been ageing to perfection.

Pushing the boundaries of cider and perry flavour and with a total commitment to quality and doing things right, these ciders are ideal for the new wave of cider drinker looking for something beyond the standard big brands.

When Is The Event?

Monday 30th July, 5pm - 8pm

Where Is It?

EeBriaTap, Arch 15 Almond Road, Bermondsey, London, SE16 3LR

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Twisted Barrel, Six° North, Arundel & Hogan's Cider