The Future Of British Brewing is right here! Our next exclusive trade event is all about the small, undiscovered and groundbreaking breweries that will help to shape the UK craft beer scene in the coming years.

At the event, attendees will be able to try a range of exciting, rarely seen beers from the next generation of top class breweries, completely for free.

Five of the best up and coming breweries from around the UK will be in attendance, so we thought we would give you a bit more information on what they are all about. Nothing is quite like trying the beers for yourself, so register for your free tickets here and come and join us.

Gibberish - from the co-founder of Mad Hatter comes this boutique brewery creating eccentric, adventurous beers that are not bound by traditional styles or flavour combinations. Truffle Tripel? Cherry Milkshake IPA? Custard Cream Pale? These are just a few of their beautiful and surprising creations. Bound to be a feature of many ‘favourite brewery’ lists at the end of the year, and yet their size and scale means they are rarely seen and their beers are snapped up quickly - don’t miss them!

Northern Alchemy - this Newcastle brewery have recently moved from their original home, a shipping container in the back of a pub, to a new brewery that will allow them to bring their creative and delicious beers to a wider audience. Still relatively unknown outside of the North East, they are very rare in London which we think is a massive shame! Tasting these beers will show you why we think they are set to be an influential brewery in the years to come.

Donzoko - this young, German inspire brewery from Hartlepool are causing waves with their astonishingly good versions of classic styles. Using German quality and traditional as their guide, they are using modern techniques and international ingredients to stamp their identity on styles like Helles and Wheat beer. Their reputation is growing all the time, and to reflect that they are an IndyMan Thirsty Games finalist for 2018.

Liquid Light - this Nottingham brewery combine their passion for great beer and groovy music to make creative and exciting beers. Less than a year old, they are still very new and of course exceedingly rare, but will soon become a fixture on ‘must try’ lists as their stellar ratings for popular styles become more widely known. They have also been selected as an IndyMan Thirsty Games finalist for 2018.

Ampersand - this little known brewery is set in a barn on the family farm in south Norfolk. They brew small batch, seasonal beers that showcase their love for top quality ingredients. Making beers they want to drink to the best standard possible, they are not about experimentation but instead focus on great flavours and classic styles. Showing exactly what small, passionate brewers can do, they are rarely seen outside of Norfolk and we hope to change that!

Beers from Northern Alchemy, Gibberish, Liquid Light, Donzoko & Ampersand