Before venting, check you've troubleshooted any issues by reading our piece with these basic checks, and also KeyKeg's own video:

If a KeyKeg is excessively ‘fobby’ one potential solution is to ‘vent’ the keg. This is a method of releasing excess pressure that may have built up in the keg due to excess fermentation or the beer being over-carbonated at time of packaging at the brewery.

Before you try and vent the keg it is recommended to turn up the gas pressure on the keg to around 40 psi if it’s set at anything below that, this may fix the problem before venting is needed.

If increasing the pressure did not help, try the following steps for venting:

  • Turn off gas on that beer line (Note: you only need to turn off the gas on the specific line rather than turn off the whole canister - so you can still serve other beers).
  • Use the pull ring on the keykeg coupler to release gas from the keg
  • Pull down the beer tap to let all the excess gas get released - they'll lose a bit of beer here unfortunately
  • Leave the beer tap open for at least 2 hours. Should see big bubbles of beer coming out - that's a good sign!
  • After 2 hours turn the beer tap off - turn the gas back on the keg - then try to serve again

We hope this guide helps!