The titans are coming! Four of the leading lights in British brewing are combining for a showcase of craft beer at it’s very best. Wild Beer Co, Marble, Siren and Fierce are each coming to the EeBria Taproom on Monday 25th February with two beers that show what amazing craft beer is all about.

The event is a chance to discover the breweries and see for yourself why they are so highly regarded, while learning more about what is going on in the industry right now. It is a great chance to meet the brewers, discover new beers and of course to meet the EeBria team!

Attendees will get an exclusive discount on all four breweries, so you can get some incredible bargains in addition to all the amazing free beer! These are the brewers being featured:

Marble - an industry leader for several years now, Manchester’s Marble brewery have impressed everyone with perfectly created beers ranging from easy going session pales to massive imperial stouts. Recently moving their beer into cans as well as kegs means they have products to suit everyone, and their quality never disappoints.

Wild Beer Co - unparalleled in their dedication to wild yeasts and unusual ingredients, Wild have perfected their core beers to be both easy drinking for the uninitiated and exciting for the purists. Their ability to put their own unique spin on classic styles has set them apart as one of the standard bearers for the UK craft beer boom.

Siren - yet another brewery that has managed to not only stay relevant but at the forefront of craft brewing over a period of several years. Known for their fabulous pale beers as well as their darker stuff, they hit the headlines last year by winning the Champion Beer Of Britain for their oatmeal stout Broken Dream.

Fierce - the newest of the bunch, they have rocketed into the consciousness of the craft beer community with their bold and unusual flavours and ability to absolutely nail a wide variety of styles. With something for every occasion, they are about as creative and prolific as it gets.

Meet and discover some of the UK’s great breweries that are not seen in London as often as they could be, drink amazing beer for free, learn about what is happening in the craft beer industry right now and of course have a drink with the EeBria team! What could be better?

Come along and see what British brewing is made of - get a ticket here!

Beer From All Four Breweries