St. David's is the feast day of Saint David, patron saint of Wales and is always celebrated on 1 March, the day of the Saint's death in 589 AD. Celebrations nowadays include parades in some of Wales' big cities such as Cardiff and Swansea, where Welsh culture is celebrated by activities like singing, traditional dressing, performances, and eating traditional Welsh food like cawl and Welsh rarebit.

But did you know that besides amazing food Wales is also one of the most innovative and boundary-pushing beer producing countries? Perhaps most well-known among all Welsh breweries are Tiny Rebel, who recently celebrated their 7th birthday by producing a phenomenal selection of beers alongside 7 other breweries that launched in various events nationwide.

Sitting proudly next to them are other breweries that continue pushing the limits of taste, such as Crafty Devil, Wild Horse (check out their beautiful new cans!), the multi-award winning Boss and their fabulous comic universe, the long-established Pipes and the very experimental Tenby (check out their I Am Raspberry, a luxurious Imperial Raspberry Chocolate Stout, simply unmissable).

Did you also know that Wales is a cider-producing land? If not, check out Hallets and Dee Ciders and taste the difference. We're massive fans of Welsh producers here at EeBria Trade, and we currently stock no less than 28 of them. You can see a full list of Welsh producers here or see all of the available products below. Today, raise a glass to Saint David and celebrate all things Welsh. Lechyd da!

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