Ahead of the launch of EeBria in France later in 2020, we have decided to bring some of our favourite French beers into the UK!

In this exciting pre-order, you will be able to order beers straight from six outstanding French microbreweries from all regions of France, most of which have rarely or never been brought to the UK.

From the up and coming Big Mountain Brewing Co with modern small batch beer from Chamonix, to the established Parisian microbrewery BAPBAP who brews excellent beers in the heart of the French capital, we hope this pre-order will showcase some of the excellent products France has to offer.

BDQ (Brasserie du Quercorb)

Ranked in the top 30 of French breweries in France, BDQ or Brasserie du Quercorb is regarded as one of the most creative and innovative microbreweries in France.

Founded by a Jane and Paul Bayliss in 2011, BDQ is one of the pioneering breweries of the craft beer movement in France. With exciting products such as their highly rated Mont Ventoux Dark Ale and Danjou Grisette (both rated 3.8+ untappd), make sure not to miss them as they are live for only a week!


BAPBAP is a craft brewery that aims to spread the craft culture in the land of wine. From the crushing of the grains to bottling, everything takes place in the 1800m2 brewery located in the heart of the Oberkamptf district in the 11th arrondissement of Paris.

Born from the friendship of a passionate duo in 2014, the brewery now produces 6 permanent beers as well as many seasonal beers throughout the year. Eclecticism, balance, sharing and conviviality are the values that drive the team. The brewery is not only a place of production but also a taproom and an open place where lovers of good things can discover our products and know-how, directly at the source.

Bon Poison

Bon Poison, which means Good Poison in French, is the first microbrewery in the city of Metz (Eastern France) since Almos!

In here, they brew a beer that helps you decompress and stimulate your senses, while looking for simplicity and pleasure. The Bon Poison beers are brewed on their site of Metz (7,5HL brewery for test purposes and their shop) and Marly (5km away – 20HL brewery for general distribution). Quentin, the head brewer, studied in the UK and developed his recipes inspired by the British brewers he met. But be sure to find the French twist in it!

Big Mountain Brewing Co

Rated 25th best microbrewery in France on Untappd, Big Mountain Brewing Co is a microbrewery in based in Chamonix Mont-Blanc, making exceptional modern craft beers.

When speaking to them, the head brewer told us "We believe in huge blue skies, Alpine vistas, fresh snow, mountain ridges, warm rock, muddy bikes and scraped knees. We believe in watching the mountains turn pink at the end of the day. Life shouldn’t be boring, and neither should beer."


3ienchs, which means 3 dogs in French slang, is a great up and coming microbrewery based in the outskirts of Paris (Saint-Maur-des-Fossés). One to absolutely watch!

The brewery opened in December 2018, and has quickly established itself as one of the most ambitious microbreweries in the country, and is bringing some exciting beers to the UK such as the 6.3% IPA "Wa Wah" rated 3.82 on Untappd.

Craig Allan

Founded by Craig Allan, a Scottish brewer with experience brewing across the UK, Craig Allan brewery is a renowned microbrewery based in Plessis de Roye.

Ranked in the top 50 of French microbreweries on Untappd, Craig Allan will be bringing two of their best core beers to the UK: Agent Provocateur and Psychédélia!

Le Cochon Volant

Last but not least, we have Le Cochon Volant. Meaning "the flying pig", Le Cochon Volant is an award winning microbrewery founded in the foothills of the Pyrénées by a couple of Australians.

The brewery has already made quite the splash in the South of France, winning over customers as well as gaining multiple international awards. Bringing their passion for brewing to Europe, the brewers use the pure mountain water of the Pyrénées to create fresh, tasty, delicious beers.

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