We're excited to announce that we're increasing our online offering to include wine from UK producers!

Much like the craft beer ‘revolution’ in the UK over the last decade, with UK brewers springing up all over the country and winning international recognition, there has been an ever-increasing buzz around English produced wine, with UK winemakers now regularly winning awards at international competitions. In 2019 there were 658 commercial vineyards in Britain and this number is ever increasing with new entrants to the market capitalising on the increasing customer demand for homegrown quality produce. Wine production is predicted to reach 40 million bottles by 2040 to meet consumer demand for British made wines, a trend all the more likely to be secured by the changing consumer habits and move towards local and British made goods brought on by the recent lockdown.

In this exciting move we now have over 20 vineyards signed up and ready to sell to you, with many more expected to follow in the coming weeks. You can now access a wide range of wineries and vineyards with a wide selection of different styles and varieties. We've got a great selection from the UK biggest winery to some top-notch up and coming producers. You can now purchase from Chapel Down (one of the biggest wineries in the UK), Beacon Down (award-winning sparkling wine), Sharpham Wines (award-winning red wine), Meophams (multi-award-winning vineyard), Giffords Hall (award-winning Rose sparkling wines), Off The Line (specialists in Rose wine), Carr Taylor (artisanal wines), Melbury Vale (small family-owned winery) plus many more.

Quote from David Jackson - EeBriaTrade CEO

“We’re excited to be supporting English wine producers the same way we’ve worked with over 800 beer and cider producers for the last 7 years, giving them easy access to the national market. It’s a natural step for us to expand our offering beyond beer and cider giving our customers additional choice and moving towards our ultimate aim to be a one-stop-shop for discerning trade drinks buyers across the UK.”

British Vineyards Now Available