• 25% of No and Low Beers sold in keg last year
  • 10% of our breweries in 2022 sold a Low or Non Alcoholic Beer
  • 4x increase in No and Low Alcohol beer products 2022 compared to 2019

The popularity of Non-Alcoholic Beer and Low Alcohol Beer (ABV of 0.5% or less) has exploded in the last 4 years with more and more craft breweries entering the market and customers enjoying the breadth of non-alcoholic beer options now available.

EeBriaTrade, representing more than 850 UK drinks producers with their wholesale buying platform, have seen the sales of No and Low alcohol beers almost triple since 2019, growing from 1.8% of wholesale beer sales to 4.7% in 2022.

Perhaps more notable is the growth not just in the overall sales figures for low alcohol beer, but the variety of products which are now available in that category. Low and No alcohol beers are now a legitimate part of the craft beer scene, with a huge breadth of brands and styles available from both low alcohol specialists as well as many other craft brewers. Matt Stokes, Head of Sales at EeBriaTrade says “now brewers have nailed making low alcohol beer still taste like a ‘proper’ beer the category has really taken off. No longer just represented by macro lager brands, No and Low beer is now made in every style and flavour with IPAs, hoppy pales, stouts and sours all fully represented. In 2022 EeBriaTrade sold more than 282 different beer products in the No and Low category, a huge increase from an already impressive 76 different products in 2019.”

David Jackson CEO says ‘Even in 2019 we were ahead of the market with a strong No and Low offering from 27 breweries on our platform. We knew it was an area of healthy growth but even our team was surprised to find that in 2022 10% of our brewers had a No or Low beer sale and the number of beer products sold was almost 4 times as high as before COVID.”

Historically in craft beer, low alcohol options have been primarily in bottle or can, with pubs choosing to have options available in their fridges but less likely to have a No or Low beer on tap. However this is also changing quickly with EeBriaTrade reporting keg sales of No and Low beer almost 6 times the levels in 2022 than in 2019. David Jackson, CEO says “25% of all our sales for No and Low alcohol beer in 2022 was for draught products, so it seems that low alcohol beer has well and truly made the leap from cans and bottles into pint glasses in our pubs too!

In Jan 2023 the range of No and Low alcohol products on EeBriaTrade has peaked just in time for those planning a Dry January, with 347 different products available from 104 different brands. 12% of beer sales in the first week of Jan have been for No and Low products showing the strength of this part of the market at this time of year.”

Press Info Re EeBriaTrade

EeBriaTrade is a leading nationwide drinks distributor, with the largest range of brewers and cider makers in the UK. EeBria represents over 850 drink producers from across the UK with the goal of using their marketplace technology to make the wholesale drinks market fair, competitive and transparent.

Using technology and custom algorithms, EeBriaTrade’s solution helps customers choose from the thousands of kegs, casks, cans and bottles available on the platform to make sure they get the right products for their shelves or fridges at the best competitive prices.

Selling tens of thousands of products nationally and representing a very large proportion of the UK’s brewers, EeBriaTrade is a useful data source for trends in the wider market and can be contacted for comment and additional information on industry trends in the UK.

For more information, including images or comments, please contact: press@eebria.com

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