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Little Pomona

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Drawn by the great traditions and great ciders of Herefordshire, inspired by the people who make them and captivated by perfect terroir and the beautiful bittersweet apples grown there, we journeyed west.

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So it was that, in late 2014, on a small five-acre piece of land in northern Herefordshire, below an ancient hill fort overlooking the Malvern Hills, Little Pomona Orchard & Cidery was born.

We named our “Little” cidery after Pomona, the Roman goddess of fruit trees and the orchard, and like her we determinedly guard and nurture our apple trees.

Ramones fans among you will find another connection.

Three years on we are launching our first cider from the 2015 harvest, with more waiting in the wings, still maturing, waiting for their moment to be released.