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West London

Todd Matteson and Thomas Palmer met in the trenches of the burgeoning East London Beer Scene in the Summer of 2013. Both seasoned homebrewers with professional skill sets picked up from their brewing experiences in Germany, Japan, Spain, the US and the UK, they began to hash out the fine print for Mondo Brewing Company on the late shift in a brewhouse in Hackney.

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Their stated goal: make the best beer they can consistently, using the best equipment, the best practices, and the best ingredients.

At Mondo Brewing Company we make quality small batch beer and never compromise on ingredients, equipment or time taken to produce the styles we are brewing.

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28/06/21: Mondo Brewing have added 3 products to the site Read More
Mondo Brewing have added 3 products to the site, 3 of which are brand new to EeBriaTrade. These products are:

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