Ilkley Brewery

Location: North Yorkshire
Head Brewer: Andy Molloy

Ilkley Brewery sits in an historic spa-town on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales. We believe in better beer by design. We believe good beer brings happiness. We believe in doing the right thing ethically and commercially, but also technically when it comes to sourcing the best ingredients, and maintaining the highest standards. Our skilled and passionate team work tirelessly to create beers of distinction, and now through EEBRIA to deliver them to your tap brewery-fresh.

The original Ilkley Brewery was founded in 1873 and became a leader in the region. After a 100 year hiatus the brewers tradition was re-established in the town, and since 2009 the new incarnation has established itself within the blossoming brewing community. Winning awards left, right and centre, for almost all of the beers, Ilkley brewery now produces almost 2million pints per year. We have 4 vans who deliver direct to bars, pubs, restaurants and shops across Yorskhire and Lancashire, and then work with route-to-market partners to deliver across a national network. Ilkley beers can now be found in 10 different countries worldwide.

Products Currently Available

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We're crowdfunding! - Click here to find out more