Noss Beer Works


Noss Beer Works was set up in 2012 to provide high quality locally brewed beer to the Pubs and Inns of the South Hams, South Devon. The beers proved so popular that soon the beers were being requested outside the local area. To cope with demand the brewery was expanded in 2018 however the demand continues and as such we have now started working with EeBria to help with the logistics of remote customers.

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The Brewery is based in Noss Mayo, a picturesque village on the coast between Plymouth and Salcombe, while the beer is brewed in the nearby town of Lee Mill.

The beers aren't the cheapest in the world and never will be as we use some of the most expensive hops in the world. The bittering hops are British, but the flavouring and aroma hops are from Australia, New Zealand and America. As for the results, your customer will let you know

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