Kompassion Kombucha


KOMPASSION is authentic kombucha: a sparkling fermented tea drink brewed according to ancient traditions. We carefully infuse our kombucha with roots, herbs, spices, flowers and fruits to create delicious and unique flavours. A symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast called the 'Mother' is alive in every bottle, making our kombucha rich in millions of gut-friendly microbes and organic acids.

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No cutting corners: There are many kinds of kombucha - but there is only one way to brew it authentically. There isn't any substitute in our book for a two-week ferment. That means our brewing process is devoid of sweetening substitutes, acidifiers, culture concentrates, gelatin or finings, or anything remotely artificial. Only wholesome, natural, vegan ingredients go into our kombucha. And it's unpasteurised, which means all the living cultures which work the magic of fermentation are preserved, alive in each glass of our kombucha..

That's because we brew kombucha according to an ancient tradition - producing small batch, slow-fermenting, home-brew style kombucha containing actively metabolising, gut-friendly cultures. It's raw. It's unfiltered. It's real, living goodness that your gut will thank you for.

Our commitment to sustainability: At the core of our business is an ethos of less carbon and less plastic. Our brewery is powered by 100% green electricity, we use bicycles as serving bars as well as delivery vehicles, we operate a single-use-plastic free catering service, and run a bottle return & refill scheme for local customers.

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