Ridge and Furrow Cider


Ridge & Furrow Cider makes award-winning naturally sweet Devon craft cider in small batches from apples sourced from our own traditional ridge and furrow orchard.

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All of our ciders are handcrafted using the artisan method of 'arrested fermentation' induced by multiple rackings and aided by using apples from a mature unfertilised orchard. This ensures a gentle fermentation, which produces a well-balanced cider that retains some of the apples' natural sweetness alongside the tannins from the cider apples. No water or sugar is added.

The orchard is thought to date back to the 1890s. The trees being planted on the ridges, with the furrows acting as drainage channels. It has been restored to former glories since the 1970s and now has over 30 traditional Westcountry cider apple varieties including Kingston Black, Dabinett, Sweet Coppin, and Yarlington Mill.

Our awards include: Supreme Champion at Devon County Show in 2019 & 2015, and Winner of the People's Choice at the British Cider Championships in 2018