Loah Beer


At Loah we brew liquid sunshine – 0.5% Lager with Lime.

It’s 39 calories, low sugar, vegan, and suitable for gluten-free diets.

I started Loah to brew some fantastic beer that would spread a bit of sunshine in the middle of a global pandemic. What was a bit of a lockdown project has quickly snowballed into a full-time gig thanks to our amazing customers.

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We’re a light-hearted brand, brewing an easy-going beer. And we’re all about packing as much sunshine into each can as possible. With our fresh brand, full flavour, physical, and mental health benefits it’s hard not to feel a little better after cracking one open.

So embrace the sunshine state of mind as you kick back with a can of our seriously refreshing 0.5% lager with lime.

We currently brew lager with lime, but we’ll be releasing more variants as we grow

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