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Holy Goat Brewing

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Holy Goat is a Dundee based brewery that began producing beers in 2021, specialising in the production of mixed-fermentation and wood aged beers. Mixed fermentation refers to the use of unconventional yeasts and bacteria in brewing, which allows production of beers with unique character. We are driven by experimentation and are obsessed with the awesome flavours which can be achieved from mixed-culture fermentation.

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Inspired by traditional mixed fermentation beer styles we seek to pay homage to our brewing forbears, using new techniques, fermentation styles and the highest quality ingredients to produce complex, interesting and (most importantly) tasty beer! The breweries name references the tongue-in-cheek description of the ‘goat’ like qualities of wild yeast (Brettanomyces) characteristics. A reverence to this yeast and to the beers which display these characteristics is a strong part of the identity of the brewery. To date we have released 20 beers, ranging from golden sours that explore various yeast and fruit combinations to barrel-aged Flanders reds and Russian imperial stouts, each with its own unique artwork that further depicts the inspiration and story behind each beer. Hail the Goat!

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