Odyssey Brew Co.

Location: Herefordshire
Head Brewer: Mitchell Evans

     3.88 (38483 ratings on 18/2/2020)

Odyssey Brew Co is a family run brewery based on the beautiful, inspiring Brockhampton National Trust Estate in the heart of rural Herefordshire.

We don’t sell our beer to supermarkets or to large pub companies: we are independent and we support independent retailers, bars and pubs. We follow a single, simple mantra – product before profit. Because it's what's inside that counts. We refuse to compromise on recipes, ingredients or process but we still try to have fun, because we are doing something we love. Our focus is likewise simple – truly small batch, tasty, fresh beer. Beer we want to drink, beer we want you to drink. We produce beer that is unfined, unfiltered and naturally, beautifully hazy. Why? It just tastes, smells and feels better that way

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We're crowdfunding! - Click here to find out more