Top Out Brewery

Location: Eastern Scotland
Head Brewer: Andi & Michael

We are an independent Scottish craft beer brewery run by German brewers Michael and Andi. We have two passions 1) brew unconventional and tasty beers and 2) love for the outdoors. All our beer labels display an OS map of famous mountains and their climbing routes ‘topping out’ in the ‘O’ of Top Out. Our craft beers not only appeal to the discerning beer drinkers who seek out great tasting, original craft ales but also anyone interested in the mountains: climbers, walkers, or mountain bikers.

Our brew house just south of Edinburgh has been brewing acclaimed, unconventional beers since 2013. The Top Team comprising two Germans head brewer Michael Hopert and Andi Scheib are brewing some of Scotland’s tastiest and most distinctive beers. This year, Top Out received two Gold and one Bronze awards at the International Beer competition in Berlin as well as named Scottish Brewery of the Year. We aim to create the best beers we can imagine without compromise inspired by German, Belgian, American and Scottish brewing traditions. As a result we have an ever growing stable of core beers and a steady stream of unusual, limited editions and enticing collaborations. Michael, our head brewer, has been brewing delicious craft beers for the last decade. German-born, he co-founded Top Out Brewery after a successful career in whisky retailing, latterly with Royal Mile Whiskies in London. Michael uses his encyclopaedic knowledge of beer styles, trained palate and Germanic perfectionism to create some of the most delicious beers in Scotland. Co-owner, Andi Scheib, joined Top Out at the beginning of 2017 following a 12-year career as geologist in the UK and Australia. He has long been a passionate brewer and baker; and has been known to knock up a batch of freshly baked rolls and a cold beer whilst in the remote outback of Australia. His love for craft beer, the outdoors and maps are perfectly matched at Top Out. Alongside Michael, his responsibilities in the brewery are wide-ranging, from brewing and bottling; to sales, business development and of course, tasting!

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