West Yorkshire
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North Brewing Co

West Yorkshire
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Pushing the boundaries of brewing whilst reimagining the classics

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Renowned pioneers of the British craft beer scene, North Bar in Leeds have been providing superior beers and excellent service in their popular bars since 1997. Fast-forward almost 20 years to the launch of their very own brewery in 2015, North Brewing Company has quickly established itself amongst the leading breweries in the country, with an unparalleled heritage and an extremely exciting future ahead.

Latest Updates

24/10/23: ⚫ 🔸 🍻 Infinite Geometry 🍻 🔸 ⚫ Read More
Introducing Infinite Geometry. This is one for all you Session lovers out there! Plus, if we do say so ourselves, it is a fantastic beer for the party season! 😏

What to expect from this beer:
✨ Crushable
✨ Light Bitterness
✨ Tropical
✨ Stone Fruit
20/10/23: ✨ 👌 🍎 North x Beer Club - 4.5 % ABV Spiced Sour + Plum + Blackberry + Apple 🍎 👌 ✨ Read More
Prepare for a journey through autumn with our Spiced Sour! This delightful brew is bursting with the cosy, warming flavours of the season: plums and, crisp apples and a touch of cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger. The Beer Club members inspired the can design; Refold photographed their hands and placed them onto the label. A beer brewed by many hands.
09/10/23: 🍻 💥 Automatic - 4.5% Pale Ale 💥 🍻 Read More
Automatic is a refreshing and sessionable balance of tropical fruit and crisp piney bitterness that's perfect for every occassion. Citra, Mosaic, Cascade and Chinook hops sing with flavours of sweet pineapple, zesty grapefruit, overripe peach, finishing with a gentle piney bitterness that refreshes the palate and leaves you wanting more.
05/09/23: 🍻 🍊 North x MKI - Yuzu Pale 🍊 🍻 Read More
MKI MIYUKI ZOKU (M-K-I MEE-YOU-KEY ZO-KU) is a contemporary menswear and lifestyle brand from Yorkshire, known throughout the city of Leeds and beyond, that was inspired by a youth tribe formed during the summer of ’64 in Ginza, Japan. This collaboration is part of a celebration, marking the end of summer and giving thanks to the local community that has supported us both. Not only have MKI created an exclusive apparel and accessory collection but what celebration would be complete without a beer? This smooth and crushable Yuzu Pale Ale has a zing of sherbet and an enticing honeysuckle aroma. Each sip sings with notes of tangy lemon, bitter grapefruit, sweet orange, and is perfectly balanced with a gentle pithy finish.
28/11/23: North Brewing Co have added 1 product to the site Read More
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