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Pushing the boundaries of brewing whilst reimagining the classics

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Renowned pioneers of the British craft beer scene, North Bar in Leeds have been providing superior beers and excellent service in their popular bars since 1997. Fast-forward almost 20 years to the launch of their very own brewery in 2015, North Brewing Company has quickly established itself amongst the leading breweries in the country, with an unparalleled heritage and an extremely exciting future ahead.

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23/05/23: 🚲 ⚡ North x Paria IPA 2023 ⚡ 🚲 Read More
This last weekend we welcomed over 200 cyclists to Springwell for Paria Paperboy 7.0! That’s a whole lot of Lycra! Cyclists from Yorkshire and beyond mounted their two wheeled road eating machines and crunched West Yorkshire’s hills on a 60-mile round trip from our brewery and back finishing with victory beer – well, cycling all that way is thirsty work!

Paria CC have an undying love for IPA, especially Transmission. Each year we whip together a juiced up IPA guaranteed to quench the thirst of our riders and dissolve the feeling of aching muscles!

This years celebratory IPA is one not to be missed and features one of our brew teams favourite hops: Belma. Loaded with oats and wheat to give bountiful body to this year's edition, it's super smooth, with a lightness that you wouldn't expect. Belma brings a spicy bite of peppercorn on the first sip and gives way to an ambrosial mix of summer fruits, strawberries and cream, cantelope melon, and tropical goodness. This is all balanced with subtle earthy tones, a crisp bitterness, finishing with a savoury sharpness.

A juicy IPA ready for the sunshine – not just for cyclists!
17/05/23: 🎵 🛰️ Telstar - 3.4% Pale Ale 🛰️ 🎵 Read More
Telstar goes live today!!

We thought we'd share with you some background on naming North’s first beers and how that links to our release this week. North's original beers were named after firsts, for example Transmission being the first Joy Division single on Factory Records. Sputnik being the first artificial Earth satellite.

Telstar follows in this vein. This was the communications satellite launched by America in the 1960s – providing the first Transatlantic Television feed. The name of the satellite was repurposed by Joe Meek and his band The Tornadoes for their single (Telstar) which charted No1 in both the UK and American (plus a load of other country’s) singles charts. It was the first ever single by a British band to top the American charts.

History aside, Telstar is a great piece of space age pop that works so well because it emulates the positivity of that era. New instruments, new technology, new hope for the future (thanks to science)!

This was the concept behind Telstar. Referring back to a point of real optimism, both sincere and joyful. The artwork on the Telstar can represents the earth in a manner explored in the early 1960s.

We hope you enjoy!
09/05/23: 💦 Stillwater x North First Pours on Wednesday 10th 💦 Read More
We have been incredibly fortunate for to be entrusted us with their house yeast, shipping 4,500 miles across the Atlantic ocean to our brewery here in Leeds. A blend of farmhouse yeasts that create a unique ‘signature’ on Stillwater beers. There’s a rustic style to Stillwater beers, the mix of cultures in the Stillwater yeast can be traced back to be hundreds of years old and provide a delicate complexity of floral and lightly spicy flavour profile on a dry, sometimes tart and crisp body. Working so close with Brian on developing the beers and recipes has been an incredibly fun and insightful process and we’re excited for where it will go in the coming years. For now, enjoy our first Stillwater releases of 2023. New Sensation : International Pale Ale : 6.9% International Pale Ale is a take on the ever-popular IPA style that expands the concept to implore technique and ingredients from around the world. A lush blend of English malts and flaked grains are heavily hopped with varietals from the US (Citra), NZ (Nelson & Motueka) & DE (Hallertau Blanc) all forged together by Norwegian farmhouse yeast. New Gold : Dry Hopped Sour Ale: 6% Lush and hoppy modern approach to the classic blonde ale. Heavily hopped with Citra, Galaxy & Hallertau Blanc, New Gold is awash with over-ripe, tart passion fruit and balmy lemon with fresh herbaceous undertones. Sesh: Session Ale : 3.8% A crisp dry-hopped session ale comprised of pilsner malt, flaked oats, and rice - pulled together by our signature American farmhouse yeast and abundantly hopped with a blend of Citra and East Kent Goldings providing notes of bright tropical fruits with floral earthy undertones.
We are absolutely ecstatic to have received a Gold Award from SIBA, The Society of Independent Brewers for our Triple Fruited Gose : White Guava + Pink Guava + Mango not only for the ‘Sour and Wild’ category, but then going on to win Gold in the ‘National Keg’ Category! Buzzing!!!

So that means Triple Fruited Gose : White Guava + Pink Guava + Mango is the best beer to have on keg in the country right? We’ll take that!

A massive shout out to our brew team for all their care, skill and attention when producing our beers. This is a true testament to their craft. Also, a massive shout to YOU, the ones who voted for this beer to return in our public vote!

Our signature thick, slick and salty gose recipe comprises a big dose of oats, ale malt, salt and a sprinkle of lactose is infused with ALL of the organic fruit puree!

There’s a special harmony in the way the sweet, zingy guava interacts with the salinity of the beer’s base that makes this TFG extra special. It’s a plethora of sherbety tart of sweet sappy tropical flavour and aroma. A true delight!
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