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Hackney Brewery

East London

Hackney Brewery is the oldest brewery in Hackney. An independent craft brewery based in East London, established in 2011. We produce carefully crafted, small batch beer. Hackney is a fantastic creative environment that drives us to create innovative beers. Keep an eye out for our seasonals and special edition craft series beers.

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Peter Hills and Jon Swain Established Hackney Brewery in 2011. They met 10 years before while working at the legendary Eagle public house on Farringdon Road. There weren’t that many breweries in London at the time. Since then, there’s been a surge of enthusiasm and real excitement about changing the way we all think about beer.

The beers we make are a mix of modern and traditional styles brewed daily, so our beer is as fresh as can be. We started as a cask ale brewery with three types of beer and grew from there. In 2014 we embraced the idea of kegged and bottled beers that have become the backbone of the craft beer scene.

We trace all our ingredients back to the source, using UK malt and hops, as well as ingredients from the United States, New Zealand and Europe. We pride ourselves on the quality of our beer, using the best ingredients, working alongside the best people. We work towards sustainability in the brewhouse and work with local charities to try and give back to the community around us.

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