Redemption Brewing Co

Location: London
Head Brewer: Andy Moffat

Redemption Brewing Co. is a magic little brewery, making the kind of beers you’ll find yourself coming back to time and time again. We’ve been brewing our beers for a decade, supplying all the best pubs, craft beer bars, bottle shops and restaurants with the tastiest cask, keg, can and bottles you’ll find.

We’re an independent brewery based in Tottenham and have earned our stripes brewing tasty session beers, best enjoyed down at the pub with your mates or at home with the family.

Trinity remains a landlord’s lunchtime favourite, for nailing a beautifully balanced beer without any sacrifice in flavour, despite its low 3% abv. Solar, our popular newest core keg product, has been nicknamed sunshine in a can.

We’re a family business, paying the London Living Wage and quietly supporting our local community. We don’t shout because we don’t need to. Just the way we like it.

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We're crowdfunding! - Click here to find out more