Wild Card Brewery

Location: East London
Head Brewer: William and Andrew

Wild Card is a result of two friends passionate about beer. William and Andrew aspire to produce only the best beer from their brewery in East London.

Wild Card's beers are all playing card themed and beautifully bottled & labelled. The “Jack of Clubs” is a lovely ruby beer which blends American hops and British malts to create a vibrant ruby red beer that we're sure you'll enjoy.

Starting out as cuckoo brewers trading on the back of a personal credit card, the outfit is an unlikely success stories that punches well above it's weight. With the backing of peer-to-peer lending from local supporters, the brewery moved into it's own site in Walthamstow in January 2014 where it operates a six brewers barrel kit. They have achieved a reputation for no-nonsense, uncompromising beers.

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