Solvay Society

Location: London
Head Brewer: Solvay Society

The Solvay Conferences that brought together the greatest minds in physics and chemistry in the heart of Brussels, leading to some of the most fundamental discoveries of our time. Founded in 2014 by homebrewers Roman, a physicist, and JP, an engineer, Solvay Society are interpreting Belgian style beers with a modern twist.

Solvay Society was founded in 2014 by home brewers, Roman and JP. Roman, hailing from Brussels, wanted to bring the beers of his hometown to the UK, crafting each of them with a twist. Initially brewing below the Hops & Glory, Islington, the pair crafted their core range. Now brewing on a bigger and better kit, the Solvay Society brewers are trying to spread their creations across the country. Look out for the exciting range of specials, including dubbels, barleywines and blondes.

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