West Berkshire Brewery

Location: Berkshire
Head Brewer: WILL TWOMEY

West Berkshire Brewery has grown significantly over the last 23 years. West Berkshire Brewery are brewing both award winning traditional cask ales and exciting new beer styles with their Renegade range.

Based in Yattendon, the West Berkshire Brewery have been creating great traditional ales for over 20 years. First brewing in 1995 but now on to the 4th expansion, the brand-new brewery comes from CFT, of Parma, Italy, and includes a 3 vessel 60HL brewhouse comprising a Mash Tun, Lauter Tun and Copper Whirlpool. Also in the set up is an automatic hop-dosing unit that adds hops at pre-planned stages and a Hop Back that can be packed with hops to add additional flavour and aroma. The brewery is completed with 8 x 60HL fermenters and 4 x 120HL fermenters and also homes its own packaging line. Renegade beers give the young and experimental brew team the chance to play, producing hop-forward and exciting beers to compliment the existing range.

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We're crowdfunding! - Click here to find out more