Derby Brewing

Location: Derbyshire
Head Brewer: Trevor Harris

Derby’s original craft brewery, Derby Brewing Co is an award winning small family run business with over 30 years brewing expertise with only the finest ingredients going into each pint. We have developed a core range of beers plus monthly specials as well our cheeky range of new craft beers – Derby Brewing Crafted.

With over 30 years brewing expertise in our brewery going into every beer we produce we hope you can taste the quality and experience. We have developed a core range of beers across every beer style that we always have available – these are basically some cracking beers that have won awards and become so popular that we couldn’t possibly not brew them again! To mix things up a bit and keep things interesting we always brew a ‘few’ new beers a month, this usually depends on how quickly you lot drink them! Having previously retired from creating and running Derby’s first brew pub of the modern era for over 15 years, Trevor and Kes founded Derby Brewing Co as a ‘hobby’ with just the two of them back in 2004. Due to their previous reputation it quickly took off and soon became clear that this was no hobby! Huge growth followed, four venues, major supermarket listings, awesome beers & more awards than you can shake a stick at! In 2017 we introduced Derby Brewing Crafted – a range of crafted beers, big and bold in flavour, showing true appreciation for the world’s fantastic hops and malts while pushing the boundaries.

Products Currently Available

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We're crowdfunding! - Click here to find out more