Jensen's Gin

Location: South London
Head Brewer: Dr Anne Brock

Now in their tenth year of production, Jensen's Gin make two historically styled gins, based on recipes discovered by the Danish Founder, Christian Jensen. 2014 sees the launch of their new distillery situated by the Maltby Street Market in Bermondsey.

The Bermondsey Gin Company was established in 2004 with Christian Jensen's voyage of discovery in vintage gins beginning in his neighbourhood bar in Tokyo. Over two years he made himself familiar with the vintage gins on offer and found the flavour profiles in huge contrast to contemporary gins which lacked structure, complexity and juniper. With a dream to create a gin that brought flavour back to gin he returned to London.

Using bottles of rare, precious bottles of gins from distilleries no longer in existence Christian and Charles Maxwell of Thames Distillers nosed these complex spirits extensively, accounting for aromas lost over the decades in bottle. The botanical recipe they revealed became our London Dry, and is a remarkably smooth yet aromatic gin with wonderful citrus top notes and complexity given by the root and spice botanicals. Key to the recipe is the absence of contemporary botanicals and the focus is on a balanced, intricate botanical mix redistilled with neutral grain spirit.

Our Old Tom recipe came about from Christian's find of a distillers handbook dating back to the 1840s with a handwritten recipe for an Old Tom. Peculiarly the recipe contradicts the wide assumption that Old Tom was sweetened. Further investigation led Christian to discover that Old Tom gins were rarely sweetened at the distillery but rather drinking establishments would often 'stretch' the gin further by adding water, sugar and extra spices to beef up barrels of gin. The recipe uses a greater number of botanicals than the London Dry with the emphasis on the lower spice and root notes. Dramatically different to a London Dry this gin is indispensable in vintage cocktail recipes as being unsweetened it is the only Old Tom that allows balance while offering the flavour profile these vintage drinks require.

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