Nirvana Brewery

Location: London
Head Brewer: Man and Steve

What's that you say? You're brewing a range of alcohol free beer? That seems to be the question everyone's asking us..

Yep! Nirvana Beer Co. is producing great tasting craft beers with a difference... London's newest brewery based in Leyton East London, dedicated in ONLY brewing Low and Alcohol Free beers.

Knowing all too well how non-alcoholic beers were renowned for being dull, lacking in taste and variety, Nirvana decided to take on the challenge of making a great range of Low/Non-alcoholic beers to overthrow that perception. Being dedicated followers and fans of craft beer, their main focus is on quality and character of what they brew.

Putting quality at the forefront, we have devised an epic line-up of handcrafted brews for you, styles, aromas and taste as the Craft Beer favourites that you all love.

So whether your taste buds are feeling a Pale Ale, Lager, Stout or IPA, Nirvana has the perfect brew, with no compromise on your craft beer experience!

So be it you're a craft beer fan looking for a lighter alternative, cutting back for health reasons, fancy a lifestyle choice or perhaps you're the "designated driver", say goodbye tasteless low/non-alcoholic beer, hello Nirvana Beer...

Products Currently Available

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We're crowdfunding! - Click here to find out more