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We are The Beard & Sabre Cider Company, master hopped cidermakers. It is our mission to combine the very best of British cidermaking with brewing to create exciting, unique drinks for independent bars seeking the ultimate point of difference.

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Our ciders are crafted from 100% pressed, heritage variety apples picked and pressed on family orchards in Shepton Mallet. The cider is fermented using natural yeasts and left to mature for a minimum of two years. Our ciders are sweetened with apple juice from the same season's pressing, adding body and flavour rarely found in commercially pressed ciders.

Finally, we infuse specially selected, British grown hops chosen to naturally complement the tannins and acidity present in the cider, to create interesting and unique drinks that are completely natural, respecting British cider's ancient reverence.

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06/04/21: The Veneration of Goddess Freya Read More
Spring is here! Freyja's time. Regrowth and regeneration is on everyone's mind at present. We are pleased to offer you Freya at cost; our sacrifice to the gods. Enjoy our 24x330ml cases and 20L bag in boxes at a 25% discount during the month of April.

Freya came about as a result of brewer-led feedback, we know our cider through and through - but beer... beer we leave to the disciples of the brewing gods. The brewer's love hops, and nothing short of the finest bittering hops would do.

Unlike our flagship Dolores, Freya is infused with bittering hops opposed to aroma hops. Summit is a high alpha acid hop, very similar to Citra. In cidermaking terms, this cider is a medium-dry, resting between 8 and 12 on the gravity scale, the addition of Summit lowers the perceived gravity dramatically - creating a dry cider, not through statistics, but through the perfect marriage of apple and hop.

Expect lemon, lychee and earthy notes from Freya's beverage. Drink to remember those of the past who are no longer with us.
16/02/21: Blue Label Cider Launch Read More
Our Blue Label rage is a project we've been wanting to do for quite some time. Whilst Dolores, Freya and Idunn (core range) are made to a very high quality and are incredible drinks, there's no room for showcasing the potential of Hopped Cider, dare we tinker with existing, delicious recipes.

This month sees the launch of Congal The Blind, our first in a series of extremely limited edition, super premium ciders - all of which are hand pressed, blended, packed and finished. Congal is an oak aged infusion of Goldings hops, which provides a sweet-honey taste bracketed by oak and spice, even though the cider is statistically extremely dry. The Blue Label format really enables us to showcase how different hops interact with quality cider, on a very personal level.

It is our intention to release 2-3 Blue Label products a year, with a production size of only 300 bottles per batch. Each bottle is produced to an extremely high standard in terms of ingredients, process and packaging. They take a considerable amount of time to make and are rather expensive to produce - we are entering entirely new HMRC duty brackets here, ones that if you are reading this as a cidermaker, you have probably looked at and wondered who would ever make a product that would fall into those categories!

There's lots of information about the Blue Label range available on it's own section of our website,

Single bottles and cases of 6 are now available on Eebria Trade!

If you have never tried 'fine' cider before, we really do urge you to pick one up before they are gone. It truly is amazing what can be achieved when cider is treated, tasted and viewed as a wine would be. Beard and Sabre will always be about creating amazing drinks that people want to drink (and that are affordable!) - our Blue Label range is a project discussed back in 2015 as 'Directors Reserve'. It is an incredible format to express our love of cidermaking and advance hopped cider research. Congal The Blind has been entered into the 2021 International Cider Competition in both cider, and the design & packaging categories, so watch this space!
01/05/21: Beard and Sabre have added 2 products to the site Read More
Beard and Sabre have added 2 products to the site. These products are:
  • Freya (20litre(s) Bag in Box)
  • Freya (24 x 330ml Bottles)

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