Hop Studio

Location: North Yorkshire
Head Brewer: Dave Shaw

We founded The Hop Studio in 2012 with a simple mission to brew great beer. We love beer. We hate rules. We don’t mandate facial hair.

We brew small batches of artisanal beer. We like our beers to be full of flavour, aroma and charisma. Our beers can be loud and shouty, they can be subtle, outrageous or exotic. Some people call it Craft Beer. We call it Original British Beer.

We make beers that can quench your thirst, enhance what you eat, surprise you, entice you and lose you in a world of flavour. Our beers are accessible and like great wine there is far more than first meets the eye.

Come with us on our journey. Discover, share, enjoy, and learn with us. Tell us what you think – join the conversation @thehopstudio,

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We're crowdfunding!
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We're crowdfunding! - Click here to find out more