Marble Brewery

Location: Greater Manchester
Head Brewer: Joseph Ince

Bringing an emphasis on high quality ingredients, hop forward thinking and an idea to create beer that people want to drink and talk about.

Brewing up a storm since 1997. The Marble Brewery is a microbrewery based in the heart of Manchester, UK. Specialising in modern classics, innovative cask beer, and revitalising historic British styles, Marble focus on putting quality first whilst defying trends. At the helm is Head Brewer James Kemp, who is set to celebrate the brewery's 20th birthday in style with a series of collaboration projects, new brews and by bringing back a few cult-classic recipes.

The brewery was originally housed in the rear of The Marble Arch Inn, and comprised of a four-and-a-half-barrel plant which was housed between a rear store room and the pub cellars. Installed by Brendan Dobbin, former proprietor of the West Coast Brewing Company, the copper and hot liquor tank were situated behind glass observation windows, where curious drinkers could view their beer being created. The fermenters and conditioning tanks were housed in the cellars below.

Due to increased production, the brewery expanded in 2009 to twelve-barrel capacity, seeing production up sticks and move to a railway arch a short distance away. The Marble Arch Inn is now the flagship pub and taproom for the brewery. It is still the freshest place to enjoy Marble beers along with its sibling outlets 57 Thomas Street, a keg focused bar in Manchester's Northern Quarter, and The Marble Beerhouse, situated in the south Manchester suburb of Chorlton-Cum-Hardy.

All of our beers are vegetarian; we use no isinglass (a fish product) to clear our beers as our own in-house yeast drops naturally bright. We crop the yeast from each brew and use it in the next batch. Whilst we have been a predominantly cask-led brewery, we also package our beers in keg, bottle and can. We believe that different styles of beer are suited to different service styles, and we like to offer people the choice where we can. Our range of beers encompasses both modern interpretations of more traditional styles and more contemporary hop-forward beers; given our relatively small capacity and our focus on flavour and quality, everything we produce could be considered ‘craft beer’.

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