3D Beer

Location: Somerset
Head Brewer: Graham Dunbavan

3D Cult Craft Beer is awesomely enjoyable, completely unpretentious, cheeky beer!

It’s proudly unapologetic in what it stands for and the good times along the way!

It’s beer – proper craft beer! It’s been brewed by passionate superheroes with decades of experience in creating the most epic of beers. An independent Brewery that is the true nature of craft beer, and whilst we have a laugh, when it comes to our hand-crafted beer, we’re as serious as a super villain (and yes, we want world domination too!). There’s no pretentious crap in this brew – no papaya and sperm whale spit or other weird stuff – just quality ingredients, sourced for their contribution to the stunning flavour of the beer ‘inside’ – not a snobby label ‘outside’!

This is a beer developed by a brewer, not an accountant – it’s been brewed by hand, not by computer, and is a masterpiece instead of paint by numbers. The super powers of a brewer with laser vision on both quality and taste make this beer truly ‘crafted into creation’. See through the craft beer bullshit of over-hopped ‘undrinkables’, bacteria-ridden sours you can only pretend to enjoy and the hazy mess of the unfined brews that look like your breakfast fruit juice, this is a modern beer you can really enjoy, this is proper craft beer – and it’s designed to be drank!

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