Brightside Brewery

Location: Greater Manchester
Head Brewer: Neil

Good looking labels, great tasting beers, nice folks behind the scenes :-)

Our brewery is run by 3 brewers (Neil, Lance, Martin) 1 story teller & beer seller (Carley) and 1 man about town (Andy). We've built our family business from the ground up on hard graft and honesty, and sell the best beer we can make! The beers that come out at the end sit nicely in the middle of the beer brewing spectrum; not crazy hoppy like chewing on a twig and not flat like a pancake on Wednesday. We make beers you can enjoy all day, which keep your tastebuds tantalized and which won't make you poor in the process! We're a nice bunch, so try our best to be as eco-responsible as possible; recycling and re-purposing, and using local suppliers as much as we can. We only fill 1 domestic black bin once a fortnight with rubbish - not bad for a brewery our size! Find out more about us on our website or on twitter @BrightsideBrew

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We're crowdfunding! - Click here to find out more