Saxby's Cider

Location: Northamptonshire
Head Brewer: Phil

I was originally an arable farmer but diversified into cider making back in 2011 when someone wrote to me asking if I had any apple trees, as they would like to buy the fruit to make into juice. I decided to plant some trees for them. While I was planning the new orchard, the thought occurred to me to try making make my own cider. So I visited the West of England and took some advice from cider makers down there.

I tried out my first batch of cider on a home-made press using apples from neighbouring gardens and from the roadside … admittedly not the best but I had got the bug. So my new orchard was planted with a blend of cider apples and dessert fruit – a blend I still use to this day. The business has continued to grow since then, and I use apples from our own orchards as well as others from Northamptonshire and Herefordshire farmers.

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