Northern Monk Brew Co.

Location: West Yorkshire
Head Brewer: Russell

     3.87 (745704 ratings on 25/5/2020)

We are “common” brewers and brew for the love of beer. However our approach to this task is with the same tangible passion, dedication and community focus of Monks that have brewed ales for thousands of years. In an industry now dominated by mass produced product manufactured by faceless corporations for profit, not taste; we brew beer we love, with love, in the North. Our beers are brewed to excite, to taste, to remember, to experience and to savour. We focus on styles of beer that originated in the UK but take an open approach to techniques, ingredients and dispense.

We brew for the love of beer and brew beers that are designed to be a full flavour experience.

To produce an experience that we can all interact with, engage with… and enjoy more.

Support the people with which we share our company, our beer

In 1086, the Domesday book records the brewing of almost 70,000 gallons of ale by monks at St. Pauls Cathedral, London - whilst Fountains Abbey in Yorkshire once brewed 60 barrels of strong ale every 10 days. Monks knew how to brew beer - they had to. It supported them and their community, it kept them healthier. It revived theirs and their communities spirits. It was life. And so it is with us... And we are coming.

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We're crowdfunding! - Click here to find out more